Aniwords – Dealing with Bakugo

Another week, another Aniwords! On the docket this week is My Hero Academia, which I confess I feel rather lax for having left untouched for this long. While I think the show’s pretty good, and even improves on the manga in places, ultimately I’ve been disappointed by how safe the adaptation’s been played. That being said, there’s still a ton of cool stuff going on My Hero Academia, and so I hit on some of those things this week. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Here’s the link~

My Hero Academia

2 thoughts on “Aniwords – Dealing with Bakugo

  1. “There is no room for scorn or hatred in the hero’s heart, even for the nastiest of rivals. There is no time to cave to the jerk’s taunts. There is nothing but the quest to become better, to be more heroic.”

    Very true. The way that Midoriya reacts to Bakugo and actively influences his own surroundings put him on a level that Bakugo can’t currently reach. No matter how much he has bullied him, Bakugo can’t break Midoriya’s spirit because Midoriya refuses to focus on Bakugo’s negative output. Instead, he’s devotedly focused on his own personal goals and on seeing the positive traits and skills within each person he meets.

    The series has been showing Midoriya trying to catch up to everyone around him, including Bakugo, but I like the thought that Bakugo has long since realised (whether he’s aware of it or not) that there’s a quality within Midoriya that he can’t catch up to or attain in his current state; perhaps a quality he envies and desires.


  2. What I like about Bakugo’s characterization is that not only is not inherently evil – he’s not stupid either. He knows his own failings, and he hates himself for them.

    I agree with your characterization of Midoryia… and the ideal of a Hero can also be seen looking back to One Punch Man. Unlicensed Rider is, to me, the greatest Hero of that series. Fully knowing he’s going to get mashed into paste, when he see civilians in danger and even as more powerful heroes are fleeting… he still turns to face the Sea King.


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