Aniwords – Concrete Hero Luluco: From Heroes to Justice to Love

I’ve been away on a business trip, which is why I’m late getting this one posted over here. I apologize for the blog’s relative deadness as of late – I promise I haven’t forgotten about it; just in a weird sort of funk with writing lately since work’s been crazy. Things should settle down by mid-July.

Anyways, this belated post is a (perhaps overly so) ambitious attempt by me to bring together some thoughts I’ve been having on My Hero Academia, Concrete Revolutio, and Space Patrol Luluco. Hope you guys enjoy it – if not, let me know if it was impregnable after all in the comments.

Here’s the link~

My Hero Academia

2 thoughts on “Aniwords – Concrete Hero Luluco: From Heroes to Justice to Love

  1. Not having seen two of the three series, I can’t comment on your specific points… But this video is the best send up I’ve seen of the whole “believe in yourself”/”work hard!” tropes:


  2. And those three shows air in the same season as Tanaka-kun… (If there’s nothing you really want to accomplish than taking life as it is can become a goal in itself.)


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