Aniwords – What Does It Mean to Have a “Favorite Anime”?

Someone let the highly sentimental version of me out of the box this week, and the result is this piece. Ultimately, it just comes down to another rendition of me trying to plead for people to be nice to each and me winding up utterly failing to capture the incredible feeling of wonder I got from watching people’s responses pop up by the dozens (the dozens!) on Twitter, but I think it does alright anyways.

Here’s the link~

New Game 4-8

One thought on “Aniwords – What Does It Mean to Have a “Favorite Anime”?

  1. I’m not on Twitter much and you know about my problems accessing Crunchyroll, so I hope you don’t mind my answering here?

    My favourite anime are my favourites because, all questions of quality aside, they emotionally moved me (and continue to do so on rewatches) when I hadn’t expected to be. I’m not saying I approach all my anime cynically but I do know that especially when watching alone, I’m not the type to shed tears or laugh out loud easily. My favourite anime are those that have managed to make me do both – and the less I expect that, the more admiration I feel.


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