Aniwords – 91 Days and the Cinematography of Murder

Hello, hello! Let’s talk about murder! Or, more specifically, how murder looks (in 91 Days). I’ve been wanting to write something about 91 Days‘ visuals for a while now, but despite some attempts at cinematographic motifs, the show never quite gave me a concrete visual paradigm to explore. But, somehow, I came up with this kind of topical approach, and while I think it could use some refining in the future, I also think it’s pretty good!

Here’s the link~


2 thoughts on “Aniwords – 91 Days and the Cinematography of Murder

  1. I guess I’m a little surprised you’re following this. It’s brutality seems to me far more visceral, more intimate, and more unsettling than many of the horror show you’ve passed on. 91 Days is truly horror. Hard to watch, hard to turn away from, it does not give us distance in the form of a fantastical context.
    Excuse me, I think I need to watch some Non-Non-Byori now…


    • Well, it could very well be that the groundedness of the violence is actually something that’s important to the show. You can’t mistake the violence in 91 Days for being anything other than the truly horrible, human thing it is. In a way, I appreciate that more than I ever will any violence enacted in a genre context more fantastical.

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