Izetta: The Last Witch & the Hiroyuki Yoshino Effect

This one’s a little bit different from my normal stuff, as I take an in-depth look at the resume of anime screenwriter Hiroyuki Yoshino (of Macross FrontierCode Geass, and Guilty Crown fame) in anticipation of his forthcoming show Izetta: The Last Witch. I did some fact-checking on this one with a friend who’s much more knowledgable about the anime writing process than I am, so I think it paints a fairly accurate (although inevitably somewhat indecisive) picture of Yoshino and what his involvement with Izetta might mean for the show.

Here’s the link~

Izetta: The Last Witch

3 thoughts on “Izetta: The Last Witch & the Hiroyuki Yoshino Effect

      • Hype level before and after reading the pieces: exactly the same. (Middling expectations.)

        For what it’s worth, I think with regards to Yoshino, the most relevant show seems to be Sora no Woto which I liked. But then I also read a the story description, and that didn’t really fill me with hope (“Gate of hope and destruction”?).

        All in all, Yoshino is a neutral presence for me. I suspect, he’s not going to make this show, and he’s not going to break this show.


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