Aniwords – What’s the Deal with Kemono Friends?

I make my return to writing feature articles for Crunchyroll with an extremely topical question—why the heck is everyone so obsessed with Kemono Friends? If you’re curious about the most popular show of the season that you probably haven’t heard about, I’ve written a nice little introduction to it for you, along with some speculation about what it is about the show itself that’s made it such a hit!

Here’s the link~

Kemono Friends 2-1.jpg

2 thoughts on “Aniwords – What’s the Deal with Kemono Friends?

  1. I really don’t know what to think of this show. It’s not as bad as it looks, but it’s also not really good. It does have some things, though, it does exceedingly well, and they’re almost all related to world building and presenting that world through narrative.

    After episode one, I was this close to dropping the show, but I kept with it, because there’s nothing else on its day for me. I still don’t know whether it’s worth watching for me.

    You’re doing a pretty good job describing the appeal. This show basically runs on narrative irony – with its childlike sense of wonder in the face of – to the viewer obvious – cultural decay. The episode where they discover the bus is a good example.

    A pretty good indication how odd the show is, are the eyecatch segments, where some disembodied voice talks about the animals featured in the episode, while we see a zoo cage, but with the girlified animated animal inside. That’s as if the cycling-club show’s bicycle segments at the end had animated bicycles instead of real ones. That sort of oddness runs through the show, too. It’s extremely realistic when coming to biological facts about the animals, but then you have problem-solutions so simplified that they look like they come from toddler shows, and the characters talk about how big the elephant is, when the size difference we see is negligible. It’s just… odd.


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