Aniwords – The Best Anime Families of Spring 2017

I’d been noodling on the family dynamics in Alice to Zouroku for weeks when I suddenly realized, “Hey, there are actually a fair number of shows about family this season! And I’m watching, like, all of them!” Take from that what you like about my preferences, but this week for Crunchyroll I wrote about the interpretations of family in Alice to Zouroku, The Eccentric Family 2, and Sukasuka. It’s basically three mini-essays all rolled into one, so you can read the piece even if you haven’t seen all three.

Here’s the link~

Alice to Zouroku 7-16.jpg

2 thoughts on “Aniwords – The Best Anime Families of Spring 2017

  1. Thanks, that was a good read, especially the part about Alice and Zouroku. I feel like the show was pretty underrated; for me, it was the underdog of the season.

    Considering how you wrote an article about this show, I thought you have quite a solid view regarding the anime and wanted to ask for your opinion on a certain aspect of this show. From your point of view, what was the importance of Zouroku’s career as a florist?

    This is my interpretation. Not only does his working place offer a working environment that can be similarly beautiful like the theme of family that the show explores, but it also perhaps hints at something between Zouroku and Sana. What I mean by this is perhaps just like how Zouroku has treated flowers over a long period of time with caution and love and helped them grow beautifully, he does the same for Sana. Beauty that is not just limited to mere physical appearance, but as a person overall with charming qualities. So yeah, I would love to hear your opinion. I recently entered the anime blogging community (around mid of June?) and would like to hear my senpai’s opinion.


    • Keep up the interesting articles. Sucks how there’s no like on Crunchyroll. Btw, how did you manage to become a writer for Crunchroll? That’s pretty impressive.


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