Spring 2015, Week 5: Highlights of the Week

Well, I’m in the midst of finals week (although I guess I really only have one left, so…), but I’m getting my anime watched. And, after that, it’s graduation—my blogging status immediately post-graduation is up in the air right now, but that’ll be another post entirely. As for this week, I made a little tribute to why I really do love this season a whole bunch. That particular element might not be reflected in the blurbs below, but remember that it’s true!

Sound! Euphonium

Punchline, Episode 4: Man, it’s rare that a show like Punchline pulls itself out of its worst instincts and actually dives into being something truly worth watching, but that’s really what happened with this episode. I will continue to maintain that the first three episodes weren’t particularly good, but I can forgive that when you give me awful, well-done scenes like the ugly post-pond fight scene in Mikatan’s bedroom with the four girls systematically attacking each others’ biggest weaknesses. Throw in all the intrigue from the Qmay terrorist plot, the excellent video game-feel of Yuta’s quest to possess Rabura’s body, and general entertainment value, minus (mostly) the panty shots and the stupid pregnancy/sex jokes and you have an episode that kept me engaged from start to finish—a first for this show. The ED sequence/song are still the best thing about Punchline, but the gap closed considerably with this episode. I’m actually excited to see the next episode now, another thing the show hasn’t managed to make me feel before.

Danmachi, Episode 5: I think the best way to describe this episode is that it was another Danmachi episode of Danmachi characters doing Danmachi things. In others, I really liked it! Bell and Hestia’s disaster of a date was exactly the sort of hilarious romp I expect from their interactions, while still doing a lot to show strength the way we perceive their relationship. They’re both huge dorks pretty much constantly, alternating which one of them is more competent as the specific situation demands. Bell’s enthusiastic venture into the dungeon to test out his magic—”Firebolto! Firebolto! Firebolto!”—was yet another display of how much of a child he really is and lead into yet another instance of him being the one rescued by a girl, rather than the other way around. The mounting drama around Lilly’s character is working okay in the abstract, but this is the second time Danmachi has written in adventurer guys who are utter slimeballs as the villains and they just aren’t that compelling. Fortunately, the way Lilly reacts to them keeps the story grounded, but yeah, it seems antagonist writing (predictably) is another weakness.

Yamada-kun, Episode 4: This adaptation really is something to be admired simply on the merits of how skillfully the manga is being turned into a really decent anime. No, it’s not surprising at all that it is this good—after all, it’s being handled by Michiko Yokote (Shirobako)—but, then again, it is kind of surprising that something that honestly should be a wreck, isn’t. As for the anime itself, there’s some nice attention to detail happening in places and overall the beats of the story are well-placed and the relationship between Yamada and Shiraishi is going very, very well. My memory of the manga is kind of fading into the haze of “this was the point where I started reading very, very quickly,” so I’m not remembering all the plot events—a nice personal event that’s basically erased all feelings that the anime is being rushed. Overall, this is a hugely pleasant experience for me and I’m massively grateful that the manga I enjoy has turned out to be as much, if not more, engaging as an anime. Also, thank you for the ponytails~


Show by Rock!, Episode 5: So, Grateful King is also played by Tarou, which means Strawberry Heart is like…his familiar or something? In any case, I really liked how Cyan’s mission to save the world is basically framed as directly opposed to her personal wish (being in a band) this episode. We already know how much it means to her to be a part of Plasmagica, so the tension between the “save the world and return home” desire and the “be in a band” desire that’s she’s fulfilling in MIDI City is really compelling and kind of sad. And then to layer on what we saw of Retoree last week, it amplifies the emotional effectiveness of that final scene because now “save the world” is compromising her relationships with others and affecting their dreams. I’m not really expecting Show by Rock! to take aim at the whole “world hero” trope, but it’s dancing along that line right now, which is kind of neat. Did I mention last week that this is one of my favorite OSTs of the season? I think I did, but I’m too lazy to check and it’s still true anyways.

Show by Rock!

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, Episode 5: Well, that wasn’t a particularly graceful conclusion to this drama (and I loathe that somehow Nagato running away got framed as “I was just being polite” when everything else about the situation was screaming “She’s really upset!”), but there were some nice parts to this episode even so—most of them between Haruhi and Asukara, or between Haruhi and Nagato. Oh, so like…all the scenes with Haruhi in them, basically. Haruhi’s big problem right now is basically that she’s walking the line between full committing one way or another on Kyon—does she like him and will she pursue him or will she step out of the way as a courtesy to Nagato? Because she won’t make a definitive decision (after all, there’s risk in either decision), she’s causing problems for Nagato, even if it isn’t entirely her fault. As long as Yuki-chan stays away from the dumb romcom tropes like the interrupted confession and boob fall that marred the end of the episode, it still has enough substance to be interesting and good going forward.

Sound! Euphonium, Episode 5: At this point, I’m actually kind of thankful I’m not doing weekly write-ups of Euphonium because episodes like that would be such gigantic efforts to write-up I think I’d be burned out in a week doing both Eupho and BBB. But this episode—this episode—was just filled with show stopping moments. Like this. Or this. Or this. And I literally mean show-stopping, as in, “I need to pause this episode right now and try to come to terms with what I just watched because wow.” As an entire effort, this episode was easily the best Euphonium has had yet and wielded KyoAni’s stunning ability to great unfathomably beautiful visuals with what I can only describe as dangerous mastery. As for the content itself, there were some really stellar moments (like Kumiko realizing that she has achieved her fresh start), but there still was a bit more dead time (read: boob jokes, bleh) than I wanted. But weighed against everything else Eupho did this week? I’m more than happy to just forget it.

Sound! Euphonium

Short Takes~

Blood Blockade Battlefront, Episode 4 & 5: Goal is to get both of these posts done during the week, since graduation is on Saturday and who knows how long it’ll be before I can blog again after that. Short version: still my favorite show of the season and episode 5 was my favorite episode since 2. No other show is more fun for me to watch!

Nisekoi:, Episode 4: Ugh Raku went full Kamijo Touma this week. Gross. Yes, it was nice to see Chitoge sort things out with her mother, but having Raku solve the problem by just shouting at everyone and Chitoge dissolving into a solving moeblob wasn’t really the way I wanted to see it happen. I’m not saying Chitoge has to be perfect and “feisty” constantly for me to like her, but the whole “Mama!” yelling bit put her far too close to infantilization for me to be comfortable with. If she had just been crying out “Okaasan,” even, I would’ve like it better.

Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic, Episode 5: A tamer episode, in terms of the comedy, although I did get a few great laughs out of Karen’s picture-taking. But then again, Karen’s almost invariably the highlight of any top-notch Kinmoza episode, isn’t she? Also, nihilist moegirls.


24 thoughts on “Spring 2015, Week 5: Highlights of the Week

  1. When the boob jokes started this week’s episode of Sound! Euphonium off, I was worried that the show was finally about to fall flat on its face. Instead, as you said, we got one of its best episodes yet.

    The shot framing and lighting in certain scenes was absolutely stunning. And then the writing was so on point during that scene when Kumiko saw her friend from middle school. Also, Sensei is the man.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that—like many people I’m sure—I really appreciate you doing these writeups. I can see that they’re definitely a lot of work, but as someone that’s not able to watch nearly as many shows as I would like, it’s great to get your hot takes. Keep up the great work!

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    • Yeah, the boob jokes weren’t a great start, but I guess they had to build offset the brilliance of the rest of the episode somehow.

      And thanks for the compliment! 🙂 It’s been a busy last couple weeks and even though I don’t consider these highlights posts main attraction of the blog, it means a great deal that people are liking them! ^_^


  2. “Ugh Raku went full Kamijo Touma this week. Gross.”


    I am so happy you are so happy with BBB. And I’m glad it’s back in hyperkinetic fighting trim!

    Sound Euphonium… what you said 🙂

    Congratulations on graduating 🙂


    • I will probably never write on here how much I dislike Touma because rancid hatred isn’t really my thing, but…I really don’t like him. At all.

      BBB is delightful. It literally makes my day better just watching it.

      And thanks on the congrats, although I’m not quiiite there yet!


  3. The first five minutes of today’s episode of Euphonium were almost cringe inducing for me as it seemed like it was slipping into dumb anime tropes and jarring otaku pandering over the groundedness that it had been doing so well. Thankfully it righted the ship quickly. I still don’t think this was as good as the first three episodes, but this is still by far my favorite show this season.

    The group of malcontents still in the band seems like something that’s waiting to explode in Taki-sensei’s face later on, so I’ll be interested to see how they deal with that. If my four years of experience in a band that constantly underachieved in marching band told me anything, it’s that it’s very hard to convince those people to stay on board with continued improvement and can be an ensemble’s biggest detriment.

    One of my favorite small details of the show so far has been the way Kumiko and Reina’s conversations have been portrayed. Instead of them monologuing at each other over an overblown soundtrack (as anime is wont to do) they’re having conversations that sound like actual teenagers. Their two conversations so far have been drenched in this awkwardness and hesitation that is done far too well.

    The visuals are par for the course (that is to say, still great), but after recently looking at some things from Hyouka and the K-On movie again it does look like the production values aren’t quite as high as they were on those (though comparing this to two of the best looking anime in recent memory probably isn’t fair). Still better than Amagi, at least.


    • Yeah, the band could very well fall apart after SunFes due to the fact that Nationals are such a distant goal for them. Kumiko’s not wrong that people get motivated by getting better, but it doesn’t work just in a vacuum for very long.

      And yup! Kumiko’s awkward attempts at friendship with Reina—she clearly wants to be friends—are pretty much perfect. It’s a hard thing to reach out to someone (especially someone as reserved as Reina), but right now the effort is what’s making the difference.


  4. I hope you do good on your finals!

    As Always like comparing our lists! One thing there were some really good Episodes this week and my top 10 is so tight Again your show / My Rank / Then My Top 16 With notes!

    Punchline / 32 To be honest it is so far from EP 1 and hard to follow!

    Danmachi / 11 Dropped one spot Grisia is putting pressure to move up more! Still enjoying it!

    Yamada-kun / 34 IDK if I am underrating this show but may move up ! Dont let me take away your joy for this show as I dont dislike it but hasnt left me with a knockout yet!

    Show by Rock! / 13 Continues to be a good show. It does mimic the real music industry a lot sans monsters / talking guitars XD I like that some drama has been added.

    The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan / 35 This was a decent episode but just another slice of life show for me

    Sound! Euphonium, / In a 2 way tie for 6th. I this EP felt rushed then to leave where they placed in Limbo! I hope it picks up again!

    Blood Blockade Battlefront / 14 After 2 episodes that lost me this week was better and moved it one spot! I like the animation etc but those 2 episodes have to be made up!

    Nisekoi / 2nd after two episodes of the week it bumped it’s way to number two spot . It wiil have to do good yet to stay there as my Top 5 is basically throw a blanket over them!

    Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic / my other show tied in 6th. I didnt mind less comedy but actually had nice life lessons!

    TIER 1 Top Favorites Tweaks all over

    1 Baby Steps 2 / Ei-Chan and Natsu relationship / Ei-Chan has grown immwnsely
    2 Nisekoi 2 / 2 Episodes of the Week !! SEE ABOVE
    3 Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) Funimation / Feel bad dropping to 3rd BUT NSK just rocked
    4 Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki / Great battles and heroics Just Solid SCI-FI
    5 Arslan Senki / The Heroic Legend of Arslan Really compelling show broke out of the Tie! That shot by Gieve To spare A CMDR torture was just epic in so many ways! You should like this you being a Yona of the Dawn fan!

    A 2 Way TIE for 6TH

    Hibike! Euphonium / Sound! Euphonium / SEE ABOVE
    Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic / Kiniro Mosaic Season / SEE ABOVE

    8 WORLD TRIGGER / Soild sready anime lots of action!
    9 Ore Monogatari!! / My Love Story / Please no more easy solutions
    10 The Labyrinth of Grisaia CR / The Eden of Grisaia CR Just an excellent series! Moved Up
    11 Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? / SEE ABOVE
    12 Shokugeki no Souma / Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma / A fun show!
    13 Show By Rock!! / SEE ABOVE
    14 Kekkai Sensen /BBB
    15 Triage X / Great action
    16 Plastic Memories / Finally the anime I thought this could be!


    • Thanks for the well-wishes! I hope I do well, too! ^_^”

      I think Yamada-kun is definitely benefiting from me having previously read the manga, but I still think it’s a great adaptation of a fun, if somewhat unexceptional manga.

      You’ll be happy to know that I finally caught back up with Assassination Classroom. Very glad I didn’t just drop it after falling behind on it.


  5. My Top 5 Episodes of Week 5
    1. F/SN:UBW ep. 17
    2. Euphonium ep. 5
    3. Ore Monogatari ep. 4
    4. Food Wars ep. 5
    5. Houkago no Pleiades ep. 4

    I’ve had a very busy week and weekend, so I didn’t get to everything this time around. The two that ended up getting the short straw, unsurprisingly, were Gunslinger Stratos and Plastic Memories. Both were on shaky ground with me anyway, but they could end up getting dropped by default now that I’m a week behind on them. We’ll see if I ever get motivated to pick them back up – unlikely, but you never know.

    Changing up the nature of my commentary wall a bit for variety’s sake, these are my top 5 favorite scenes of the season after the first five weeks. In no particular order:

    Takeo stops the pervert (Ore Monogatari ep. 1)
    [Eyes meet]
    Yamato: “Arigatou.” (repeats and echoes)
    Takeo: makes noise like punctured balloon
    And a delightful love story is born.

    Reina Kousaka plays Dvorak (Euphonium ep. 3)
    Sometimes you just have to make your feelings heard. When you’re a lowly freshman in a Japanese high school and seniority requires you to defer to your lazy senpais, even if it’s driving you crazy, what better way to express those feelings you aren’t allowed to say in words than with an apropos piece of music instead?

    Hikaru’s Parents Send Their Love (Houkago no Pleiades, ep. 4)
    This was a hard choice; HnP has had three scenes in the last two episodes that I really, really liked. Episode 4’s story is centered around Hikaru (the blonde girl), as we learn more about her personality and what her family life is like. They don’t see each other often enough, since her parents are busy with work and she’s often at club, but it’s clear how much they all care about each other. In this particular scene, Hikaru’s parents respond to a cryptic note she left about her plans for the night (obviously they don’t know she’s a magical girl) by figuring out how to create a message of love and support that will reach her, even while she’s far away pursuing another fragment. I wish I could describe in more detail just why the total package of the art, the music, and the central characters involved all work so well together in this scene, but I don’t want to spoil the magic. You have to see it anyway to fully understand how it ties into the main story of the episode.
    On a side note, this is two episodes in a row now that have given us great scenes involving the girls and their parents; first with Subaru last episode (which was one of the other two scenes I almost picked) and now with Mikuru. After so many anime parents who are dead or absentee or just totally irrelevant to the plot, this is a changeup I really appreciate about this series.

    The Ending of Episode 15 (Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works)
    I won’t describe what happens, to avoid spoilers for the sake of anyone stumbling on this post in the future who might be thinking about seeing the show. Suffice it to say this was one of those heavy scenes that I knew was coming but wasn’t necessarily looking forward to watching (the curse of having read the VN). Ufotable nailed it, though, treating it with an appropriate amount of pathos and sympathy (and judiciously using some original content to add more depth) without crossing lines into mawkishness or melodrama. It all led to a very effective concluding scene that even surpassed its VN counterpart, IMO.

    Kyon and Haruhi at the River (The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato, ep. 4)
    There’s something about the chemistry between Kyon and Haruhi that just flat-out works, no matter what kind of universe you stick them in or what kind of special powers Haruhi has or doesn’t have. It’s no different in the Disappearance universe, as an unexpected free day for the two of them leads to an afternoon of fun, playfulness, and bonding, and learning that just maybe they have more in common than either of them realized. Yuki Nagato’s been a very uneven show, doing some things I really like and some things that have left me cold, but this scene was a total delight.


    • Skipped over the Pleiades scene as I’m still hoping to get caught up on it again, but this is a cool little format! I like the change-up~

      Massive agreement from me on the Kyon and Haruhi river scene. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the best the series has been. It’s certainly drawing heavily from our prior knowledge about the characters, but for a second it was like the old days of Kyon and Haruhi’s initial relationship—and it’s still a totally magical experience (and crazy nostalgic) to see them just starting out again like this.


      • No problem. I tried to make it as minimally spoilery as I could, but I can’t blame you for just avoiding it completely. While Pleiades is not a great series and still has some issues that bug me, it is getting better and I wholeheartedly approve of the directions they’re taking it (as both a magical girl fan and as a sci-fi fan).

        It’s kind of funny, though, that I had several standout moments to choose between for that series, whereas with the better/more consistent Danmachi I couldn’t think of a single scene to nominate; there hasn’t been one that stood out head and shoulders above most of the rest of the series. Just a whole lot of Danmachi being Danmachi, like you said. Similar story with Food Wars – all the culinary tests & battles (and we’ve had at least one in every episode so far) have been really well done, but none of them stood out from the rest of the pack for me to say, “That’s the best one.”


  6. Yay! We’re both graduating. ^ ^

    Oddly enough, the only anime that I keep up this season with is Danmachi and BBB. I’ve been diving back to videogame lately.

    Matsuoka is really adorable as Bell. He should do enthusiastic boy role more. For some reason, I’ve been thinking that Syr (the maid who has inexplicable crush on Bell) is might be that evil goddess in disguised. Aside from their interest in Bell, it seems odd that someone just clumsily drop a magicbook like that and Syr just so happens to found it and decide to give it to Bell. Irc, that’s also the same magicbook the evil goddess was holding in the previous episode


    • Hey, congrats to you! ^_^

      Hey, you know what I think about Danmachi and BBB! I approve of those choices!

      If Matsuoka never went back to the self-serious shounen hero role again and just played silly roles like Bell (or even the cat in *Mikagura), I think I’d be totally delighted.


  7. I think at this point I know what exactly I want to watch this season, and only falling behind on a few of them. I still need to catch up with Yamada though.

    YGO Arc-V: In a season of dorks, Yugo is clearly one of the dorkiest of them all. Great to finally see Rin and see her relationship with Yugo too, hopefully we’ll see her not in a flashback soon. Also, they’re really showing the whole 5D’s vibe very well, complete with the whole social commentary as well. My favorite anime is really going back to form.

    Oregairu: Despite being something with zero possibility of death or the usual huge spoiler, for some reason it’s really hard to comment on it without spoiling. But yeah, season 2 has been really fantastic so far, got nothing new to say beyond just hoping that they can keep it up and do justice for volume 9, as I feel it’s even harder to translate to anime and still keep all that makes it great.

    Danmachi: I recognize all its flaws but still wonder what exactly is the reason I keep enjoying it, and your explanation of another Danmachi episode of Danmachi characters doing Danmachi things seems like the perfect answer for that.

    Assassination Classroom: It’s not like it got worse, but it does feel like it’s treading familiar grounds a bit. The whole ‘enemy announcement’ bit is even better in the anime though, good job to whatever is voicing it.

    BBB, OreMono: I’ll probably post about it in its own post later.

    Show by Rock: I was wondering why this anime have the hashtag #sb69 on twitter, apparently it stands for (S)how (B)y 6(Ro) 9(Ku). Seriously, Japanese language and their wordplays…but yeah, now they inject some seriousness and plot inbetween all the cuteness, and I don’t mind at all (as long as the cute is still there).

    Arslan: It’s great to see the whole medieval castle siege happening, but I’m still not that enthused about the new character despite him doing very cool things. Hopefully Arslan and his gang can return to the capital soon, too.

    Euphonium: You’re right, that whole sequence is breathtaking, if KyoAni puts their mind to it no one can do it better. The whole performance is done very well too, I was hoping it goes for longer.


    • Danmachi is too charming. And I love it. Shows like this so often exist in the “just sexist enough to make me a little uncomfortable with it” range, but Danmachi is so cute and does enough interesting things with gender roles that it’s never fully fallen into that feeling for me, which is awesome.

      #SB69A (Anime)! SB69 really is one of those surprisingly well-constructed shows for what it is. Like, this is a blatant cash grab at the late-night otaku market, from all accounts, yet we’re getting a fun, cute show with drama that doesn’t over stretch and occasional emotional moments that work well. BONES, you are so good!


  8. Not much to comment on the current anime front, but I’ve seen from your earlier Twitter feed that you’re watching Dennou Coil? Glad to see that, the show’s really deserve some more love. Pacing and the main plot’s development is a bit sluggish, but so many aspects of it (cast, animation, world-building) are superbly crafted. There’s a particular episode that honestly is one of the most well-constructed (and FUN) episodes I have ever seen in any medium; dunno how far are you in the show, but I bet you’d recognize it when you get to it.

    Good luck on finals and life after graduation!


    • Loving Dennou Coil so far. Currently four episodes in; watching with a friend over Skype has been really fun. I’m really attracted to the visual aesthetic and the animation has been really nice so far (episode 1’s character animation was amazing).

      And yeah, I’ve heard about the beard episode. Looking forward to it! 😀


  9. Day 364, my food supply is thinning. The world out there is still raging, like the days before. They still haven’t find me, but eventually, they will. All my friends, companions, are gone. I’m tired. Tired of being on the road, lonely as a sparrow in the rain. Tired of not ever having me a buddy to be with, or tell me where we’re coming from or going to, or why.
    And yet, even with all that, iblessall (namely Chain(ed by)Sumeragi (suggesting he’s some kind of a masochist)) still haven’t post his BBB eps 4 and 5 reviews.


  10. Aaand he’s off! (But you already knew that.)

    Before I forget – good luck on the exam!

    Eden of Grisaia ep3; Ok, enough of Yuuji already, this is just getting ridiculous. I know he’s the MC (the girls are really just a hair above supporting cast) but they’re not really telling us much. This weeks ep was essentially filler, unusual for this show which typically is very tightly plotted.

    Ore Monogatari!! ep5; Commented on this weeks post.

    Otaku Teacher ep4; Ended on a cliffhanger this week, so it’s not dropped – yet.

    Plastic Memories ep5; Man, now that they’ve gotten going, they’ve really gotten going. But in places the cracks in their world building make me think of someone who dashed out the door without remembering to check their pockets to make sure they didn’t forget anything. We are however finally getting glimpses of Isla’s past, and how she came to be taken off of field duty. How they resolve the cliffhanger will be telling – cheap melodrama or a serious darker turn? Given their track record to date, the former is likely… but given how ep5 played out, the latter is not entirely beyond possibility.

    Sound! Euphonium ep4; Boob jokes? Did you guys watch the same ep I did? I didn’t see boob jokes, I saw a nicely handled counterpoint to her conversation with Azusa at SunFes. Kumiko is growing and changing and although she was able to firmly turn her back to the past and her face to the future at SunFes – in other ways she’s still an insecure young girl. Or, in other words, she’s being portrayed the way she has been all along… a typical teen on the cusp of adulthood. More aware of superficiality than self aware of the deeper Things That Really Matter and how time is flashing by.

    Overall, other than the infodump in the middle, this was a very well done ep. (The infodumps are the show’s weakest point and most glaring flaw. Which actually isn’t a bad place to be.) Without resorting to flash or drama, we got a look at all the characters and the plot moved nicely forward without calling attention to itself. Given the faultlines in the band we’ve all noticed, and the show has very carefully kept us from forgetting, drama is coming – and kudos to the production staff for not overplaying that card. (As happens all too often when teenagers are the center of the show.)

    FWIW, this is the only show this season that I watch/listen to the whole OP and ED every week. That doesn’t happen very often… Looking back, the last time was Hana Yamata back in Summer 2014. Even though the show was middling at best, I ended up watching the whole series just because the OP always put me in such a good mood.

    For your viewing pleasure;

    The OP (slightly distorted to avoid Google’s auto-copyvio-bots I suspect);

    The full version of the song with live action by the VA’s, which is impossibly cute;


    • I think the problem with the whole “boob size” thing is that, at this point in anime writing, it’s a lazy shortcut. Yes, I know the arguments that it’s realistic for young girls to be worried about comparisons between their chest size and those of other girls, but it’s been done sooo many times and I am, frankly, sick. of. it. Let her worry about how she doesn’t have a ponytail or something like that. To me, the “boob size” discussion will never not look like a poorly disguised excuse to appeal to otaku fetishes.

      I knew one guy who basically swore by Hanayamata while it was airing and I do recognize the OP song. As far as Eupho goes, I don’t particularly care for the OP, but I do like the ED song quite a lot. Neither are at “buy” level for me, but I don’t mind listening to them (I don’t skip OPs/EDs very often anyways).


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