Basic Questions, the Answers to which All Anime Fans Ought to Agree

Early this morning, I awoke to find myself with a Twitter notification (among literally dozens) from my friend and fellow aniblogger Namhur of Fiction Realm, alerting me that I had been cast in the role of question-answerer for a number of anime-fandom related questions. Now, after my valiant retreat from 12 Days of Anime due to Toradora! taking over my blog in mid-Decemeber, I had been hoping for a chance to participate in another aniblogger community project. Additionally, I enjoy imposing my super opinions on what it means to be an anime fan on the poor fools of the internet world. So, listen up pigs! This is no mere answering of questions! This is a manifesto to the anime world!

Seitokai Yakuindomo*

Obligatory Caution

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Stages of Post-Hunter x Hunter Grief

So, I was going to try and write up an elegant, thoughtful, thankful, post about Hunter x Hunter ending today, but I just…can’t find the words right now. I’m too overwhelmed or bummed or depressed or whatever other emotions I’m feeling right now. But I had to do something.

Hunter x Hunter

So, for everyone like me who is feeling a bit down about Hunter x Hunter‘s end, and about the fact that episode 149 won’t come for years, here’s a short guide to help you identify the feelings you may experience in the wake of this great anime leaving us.

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How to Write (and Find) a Good Season Preview Blog Post

As you know if you read my or my Anitwitter rantings or (occasionally) my blog, you’ll know that I have totally disavowed season preview posts. Thus, to preserve my dignity, I will not be writing a season preview post for at least another season before I probably change my mind because I can’t keep my mouth shut and want to hype up anime I know nothing about and want to do so badly enough to eat my words and mocking of season preview season and endure all the people who will (righteously) come to shout at me, “You said you’d never do a season preview and that they’re stupid! Look at you now, you hypocrite!”

Those days are coming, but they aren’t here yet! So for all my friends out there who are writing your season previews, here are 5 easy steps to writing a good season preview blog post. And for all of you readers who are sifting through piles of season previews and trying to decide what’s good or not, just check these steps to make sure the post you’re reading is worth your time. You’ll know how they’re supposed to be written after this; I trust you can make those decisions.

Is the Order a Rabbit?

Just imagine she’s saying “aniblogger.”

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Chaika Versus Nike

iblessall votes for Chaika

“You, princess?”
“That’s right, I’m a princess. What about you, are you a princess?”
“Me, princess. On quest.”
“What quest is that?”
“Best girl. I want crown.”
“Oho, you want to be queen, eh?”
“Not want to be queen. Just best girl.”
“You think you have the stuff to be crowned best girl, queen of all the girls?”
“Me, princess. Princesses best.”
“You’ll have to do more than that to impress me! I’m one-half of the one of the best romantic couples in anime. Do you have a lover?”
“No! Definite no!”

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Chitoge Versus Satsuki

A Vote for Chitoge Kirisaki

Once upon a time, there was a cute blonde girl with pink-highlights in her hair (yes, I know, I’m kind of fixated on the pink highlights). One day, she was walking alone in the forest when a tall young woman with large eyebrows appeared at the top of a small cottage, shouting at the pigs she was tending.

The cute blonde girl, named Chitoge, stood in horror as she watched a veritable verbal laceration of the innocent pigs by the virulent eyebrows girl, whose name was Satsuki.

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The Great Chaika Gif Gallery

I once had a dream: that I would have a Hitsugi no Chaika gif for any potential occasion. And yet, my imgur album had only a mere two gifs. And so, with the end of Chaika‘s first season approaching swiftly, I took it upon myself to create the greatest collection of Chaika gifs known to man—all in one place.

Gifs are nearly impossible to track back and credit to anyone person, but if you see your work included here and want to be mentioned, please leave a comment and I will add your name to my list of credits.

NOTE: I do not own any of the following images. Feel free to use them as you see fit. There is a Chaika gif for all occasions.

Now, behold! The Great Chaika Gif Gallery!

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Inadequate in Paris

So, as you may recall (or not, if you don’t remember inconsequential things like when anime bloggers go on vacation), I was on hiatus not long ago doing the Grand Tour around Europe. I’m sure you’ll all be glad to hear that I had a lovely time, and that, of course, I didn’t forget about the blog or about anime while I was contemplating life in the mountains of Switzerland. Before I was in Switzerland, I spent several days in Paris, where I encountered a number of shops with anime/otaku-related merchandise. And, through these experiences, I came to realize: I’m not very hardcore. At all. What follows are some pictures of anime related shops and items that I encountered during my travels. I hope you enjoy!

Not Otaku Enough for This

I’m just not otaku enough for this nonsense.

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