Rain Town

If you haven’t seen Rain Town before, take a quick ten minutes out of your day to watch this little gem.

I love rain, in all forms: thunderstorms, spring showers, cold fall downpours, hot summer rains that steam on asphalt. There’s some kind of strange hypnotic and decadently lush quality to the naturally life-giving phenomenon of drops of water falling from the sky. For me, it’s also nearly always a reflective experience—and I have a playlist on my iPod specifically for rainy days. It’s called “Rain Walk,” because I made it one day when I was about to walk a bit in the rain. Songs like keeno’s “in the rain,” Bakemonogatari‘s “Staple Stable,” and fhána’s “One Winter Day Wrapped in Light” populate the playlist because they’re songs that perpetuate a certain mood and fit in with the constancy of atmosphere rain produces.

Rain Town is just like that. It’s like taking a walk in the rain listening to music perfect for the moment. An independent anime production by Hiroyasu Ishida as a graduation project, it’s a wonderfully understated tale about a kid wandering through both rain and memories. I’m not going to try and make any sort of compelling statement on the themes of the piece, as I think it stands equally well as a thematic work and as solely an aesthetic experience. I certainly do think there is a theme, but it’s kind of ethereal and fluid, just like Rain Town itself.

There’s not a lot more to say about it, other than that the aesthetics of Rain Town are incredible. Cinematography, color usage, sound design (the music is exceptional)…everything. For only ten minutes of your time, Rain Town is a wonderful experience, one that is most certainly worthy of your time. Take a moment, breathe, listen and watch. You might find yourself just a bit more at piece when it’s over.

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