Chaika Versus Nike

iblessall votes for Chaika

“You, princess?”
“That’s right, I’m a princess. What about you, are you a princess?”
“Me, princess. On quest.”
“What quest is that?”
“Best girl. I want crown.”
“Oho, you want to be queen, eh?”
“Not want to be queen. Just best girl.”
“You think you have the stuff to be crowned best girl, queen of all the girls?”
“Me, princess. Princesses best.”
“You’ll have to do more than that to impress me! I’m one-half of the one of the best romantic couples in anime. Do you have a lover?”
“No! Definite no!”

“How can you be the best girl when you don’t even have a boyfriend? Tell me you at least have an obsessive cousin.”
“I have only gundo.”
“What about an obsessive grandmother?”
“I have vehicle. Have magic. Have one of father’s arms.”
“Have you been sexually assaulted by a bishoun—wait, what?”
“Have one of father’s arms. For funeral.”
“I don’t believe you.”

“You weren’t kidding.”
“Chaika not kid. Chaika serious. On serious quest.”
“Okay, listen kid. You’re too tiny to be best girl. Best girls gotta be luminescent and have great talents. I can sing, what can you do?”
“Chaika dances.”

“Chaika wins.”
“Yeah, I guess you do.”
“Other princess pouting?”
“Shut up and leave me alone.”

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