Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle, Episode 1

Me, Chaika. Princess. Anime on break from spring. Coming back now. Happy.

You like episode 1? I hope. No face like Toru after?

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle

Chaika have new OP. Listen, watch, recommended. See Toru, Akari. Even Frederica.

Also see past. Father’s battle, before death. Wonder about ships. Why use people to hold up? Seem hard. Seem dangerous. Expect more of father.

Now, fight. Claudia, hero. Fast incantations. Hard to beat. But Claudia nice. Honorable, hero. Grows grapes; I like. You remember?

Chaika like Claudia. But not as much as Toru. Or Akari!

Akari also like Claudia. Akari jealous? Or Akari looking to future? Akari is young woman. Want husband? Who would marry Akari? Does Akari love someone? Not sure.

Also, Claudia good to soldiers. Fight Toru and Akari, but not bad. They have place with Claudia. She gives purpose, those who not have one.

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle

Then, training incantations. Be faster, not many words. Hard work.

But have notebook! Magic cheatsheet! Very serious. Not joke, but not helpful. Claudia have experience. Me, need more experience. Show knows. Show serious about cheatsheet. Not joke. Serious.

Toru, hit with pillow. Too much on mind, not important.

Then, ready. Claudia, very strong. Fight, difficult. Toru, Akari, worry about me.

Many colors, much motion. But easy to follow action. I try hard. Will we win?

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle

So, yeah! That was the first episode of Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle, the second season of my pet show from Spring 2014. I don’t know if I can keep up the Chaika speech (or the episodic posts) all season long—it’s much more difficult to conceptualize her language and mostly stay in character than I’d expected—but it’s fun to at least try.

This episode was basically the sum of everything I like about this show. Great action (especially at the end) enhanced by really clever camera work, deadpan humor (I know some people don’t find Akari funny, but her monologue about her future life was hilarious to me), Chaika being absurdly cute, and generally solid fundamentals all around. I also thought they really made the most of Frederica’s one scene, which was really nice. Remember last season when we all feared she was going to just be a plot device? Well, the potential’s still there, but they’ve resisted it thus far! They deserve the benefit of the doubt for now.

This show can do no wrong for me. Even its derpier moments (background character faces really aren’t a strength of the show) just end up charming for me. That’s how love goes, I guess.

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle

Totally wallpaper caliber stuff.

Episode 1 Gifs

8 thoughts on “Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle, Episode 1

  1. Don’t hate me or anything bless…

    I still haven’t finished season 1… XD

    With everything I am watching this season I might have to save it for post-season watching as well. I may add it in though.


      • I don’t really honestly know.

        Well partially, I know one reason and the reason I fell behind on a lot of Summer titles is end of spring to about the middle of summer seasons my health went bonkers with me in and out of the hospital. But I caught up on like 90% of everything I missed.

        I think I forgot about Chaika cause it got sweeped under when I cleaned my queue. Now it is back on my queue and will probably be caught up if not by this weekend definitely by the mid season point.


  2. Your Chaika impression is refined to a T! Though I can see why it might be difficult to keep it up for a full season.

    And Chaika eating grapes is just so cute… I can’t

    “Who would marry Akari?”

    I would Akari… I would…


  3. Yeah, the new episode is pretty much more of the same from season 1, which is good because I really like Chaika first season. I also like how Chaika look to improve her fighting capabilities – I know it’s always their plan to have Toru and Akari as distraction while Chaika readies her high powered magic rifle, but she always seem like the weak link of the trio. If she is something like a Fire Emblem character, she’ll be tier 3 at most: “High versatility in attacking options with massive damage and huge range, but her long casting time and paper-thin defenses means she can’t properly realize her potential.”

    But Claudia shows that it’s possible for a magician to act and react in a very swift way, which is great to see. I know she has much more battle experience than Chaika, but if she can develop her fighting style similar to Claudia, it’ll be much better to see as well.

    Seriously though, with this and Build Fighters Try being as good as its first season and Parasyte delivering on the hype, now I have THREE shows to watch on a Wednesday, which is practically unheard of. This season is just insane, and there’s another four new shows premiering today…


  4. One of my favorites from this season.

    An interesting story and characters, plus some great aesthetics and naming conventions. While some of the outfits the female characters wear are rather immodest, the design elements are of certain high quality.


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