Anime Artwork Adventures #10 – Fanart Friday Edition

Those of you who have been following me for a while might remember that a while back I tried to do a weekly feature where I compiled cool fanart pictures I found on Pixiv. It fizzled out after nine weeks because it turned out that finding fanart and writing little blurbs about each picture took a lot more time than I was expecting, so I eventually gave it up in accordance my honeymoon period with Pixiv ending.

Well, now I’m temporarily back doing a fanart piece—although this time I’m doing it for Crunchyroll’s long-running Fanart Friday column. As one might expect, I decided my theme for the week would be idols…”Lessons in Idolatry” was the subtitle I decided to go with. So, yeah, check it out and enjoy all the idols!

Here’s the link~


4 thoughts on “Anime Artwork Adventures #10 – Fanart Friday Edition

  1. You’re a fan of idol anime, and you haven’t seen Locodol? 0.o If I’d been writing the Weekly Wall at the time, you’d have seen me gushing week after week.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend Million Doll


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