Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 2

Guys…I’m loving this season. And that’s all I’ll say at this point.

Miss Monochrome

Noragami Aragoto, Episode 2: I’ll admit I didn’t expect Noragami Aragoto to kick into serious mode so quickly after the premiere being mostly fluff, but I’m glad it did. Besides really stepping up its visual game with some great storyboarding, we’ve also been thrown right into the middle of the brewing storm that is the much-acclaimed Bishamon arc. And it’s not just Bishamon herself who’s being forced to encounter her weaknesses, but also Yato and Yukine and Kazuma. I really do like all of these characters a whole lot, but getting to see them put through the wringer like this and—hopefully—come out better for it in the end is something I’m really looking forward to seeing. And, of course, there’s still the question of where Hiyori is going to fit into all of this and what will happen when the Yato faction and the Bishamon faction inevitably clash. Things are much different now from when Yato and Yukine fought Bishamon in the first season—Yato’s the one in sync with his Regalia now, while Bishamon’s crew is falling apart around her. Keep it up, Noragami!

K – Return of Kings, Episode 2: What do I say about K this week, other than that I’m a little surprised at how much I’m loving this show. I’ve said a couple times this season already that K is truly a unique experience as far as anime goes, and that’s definitely still holding true at this point. Even though it’s been 3 years (golly!) since I watched the first season, this is still a show that feels fresh to me—and it’s one that I apparently still have a ton of residual affection for. Getting an episode that featured Kuroh and Neko far more than anyone else was an total delight for me, and seeing them bumble around in distress as they await Shiro’s return has caused me far more distress than I expected. Knowing they’ll be returning to the cozy room where the first season spent much of its runtime next episode has already got me delighted, and I’m eagerly awaiting Shiro’s (hopefully) near return. I don’t know what exactly it is that K: Return of Kings is doing, but it’s working marvelously for me right now.

K Return of Kings

Gundam Tekketsu, Episode 2: Mari Okada is really at the top of her game right now. Tekketsu isn’t just competent—it’s genuinely compelling and emotionally resonant a mere two episodes in. I’ve already seen a bunch of fascinating analysis on how Tekketsu interacts with the larger Gundam franchise, which are mostly going over my head but also further cementing my opinion that Okada isn’t just winning on luck here. She’s definitely aware of the franchise context in which she’s writing, but she’s doing Okada Things with it—which, in my estimation, is on track to be a really great combination. All the character work is excellent (particularly Okada’s fantastic work establishing that Mika can’t read), the plotting is stunningly well done so far considering Okada’s past habits with plot, and the battles have looked really good. I’m just super happy this is turning out as well as it is—definitely a front-runner for title of my favorite/most-highly esteemed show of the season.

Gundam Tekketsu

Comet Lucifer, Episode 2: It’s tough to call this one my pet show of the season when nearly everything I’m watching feels like it deserves that title in some way, but Comet Lucifer most definitely aligns itself most closely with other anime that have won that title from my heart in the past. From the opening moments of fhana’s lovely OP to the cute moments of the Absolute Duo-esque ED, Comet Lucifer has proved to be charming, a bit dorky, and plenty cute. Loli-cat Felia has turned out to be a winner, mostly on the strength of the creative choice to primarily align her with Kaon rather than Sogo. Much like Danmachi before it, Comet Lucifer consistently feels like it’s hanging out on the edge of diving completely into lame cliche/trope territory, but manages to always swerve away right at the last second. I mean, a Hestia-voiced rock snake that explodes into a beast-mecha whenever Sogo gets excited? Sign me up!

Comet Lucifer

Concrete Revolutio, Episode 2: It feels a little bit overexcited of me to call this my favorite episode of the week in a week packed with episodes I loved, but that’s just where I’m falling on things this week. It may very well be an effect of having been somewhat disappointed with Concrete Revolutio‘s premiere, but when this episode finally hooked into some genuinely affecting emotional material at the end of the episode, suddenly everything in both of these episodes fell into place. Concrete Revolutio just makes sense to me, and this interrogation of both the falsity of the black-and-white superhero construct and the duality of the past and the future is something that’s really working for me. In particular, the “how did we get here” dynamic that’s dwelling in the subtext between the two timelines (and that came out explicitly Fuurouta’s crying) is one that I find extremely compelling (hey, what do you know, that’s also a big theme in Blast of Tempest!). In short, I felt like this episode of Concrete Revolutio was not only good on its own terms, but also restored my faith in the show as a whole and made the first episode better in retrospect. Here’s hoping they hold things together despite the revolving writing staff.

Concrete Revolutio

Short Takes~

  • One Punch Man, Episode 2: Great puns, great mosquito comedy, more fantastic animation, and Genos is a babe. This show isn’t really one of my favorite this season, but it’s still one of the most pure fun things I’m watching. Although I am a bit unnerved by the ruthlessness of its violence….
  • Haikyuu!! S2, Episode 2: I take it back, actually Haikyuu!! is the most fun thing I’m watching, and it got even better this week with the introduction of Yachi. She’s basically a ray of sunshine in a show that’s already comparable to a bright sunny day, and I love her.
  • Miss Monochrome S3, Episode 2: Just so you guys know, Miss Monochrome’s first full-length album released last week on JP iTunes. Currently replenishing my account’s funds so I can buy it…
  • Heavy Object, Episode 2: Here’s the link to this week’s live tweet session.
  • The Perfect Insider, Episode 1: There’s actually surprisingly little to say about this episode. It’s intelligently made and looks to potentially be somewhat fascinating—and I like that it seems to be maybe interested in digging into the idea of how the past affects us, but there’s no middle ground with this show, I think. Either I write a ton about it, or not much at all. This week, I’m airing on the side of caution, I guess.

19 thoughts on “Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 2

  1. Ehhh, to be honest, not exactly a fan of this week Conrevo. I get what its trying to do, but I don’t feel emotionally connected to Fuurota’s struggle, and the suppose “bond” between him and Campe. Still hoping its going to step up. I have soft spot for superhero narrative.

    I think remember watching K just to see Neko x Shiro few years back. Don’t hit me!


    • Yeah, I definitely understand people not connecting with Conrevo at this point. Frankly, I’m surprised it worked as well as it did for me—it was less Fuurota’s struggle and more the pathos of the general situation the future him and future Jiro find themselves in.

      And Neko x Shiro is good. Do not feel bad.


  2. I’ve spent the last week binging on Utawarerumono season 1. It was really excellent. A real top notch fantasy/ far future speculative story. Though I wish it had explained things more thoroughly. It is one of my pet peeves when an anime/film adaptation leaves out information from the source material. I guess the argument is that it’s done for the pacing. Maybe most people are too impatient to sit through backstory material. I don’t know. But it bugs me. Ah well. Wikipedia answered my questions with info from the game.


    • So, I’m assuming this means you’re also in hard for this season’s iteration of Utawarerumono, too. I’d like to come back to it, but I dunno if I’ll be able to find the time for it…


      • Yeah, I’m definitely enjoying this season’s sequel as well so far. I’m a fantasy geek so anything fantasy is a priority for me.


  3. I’m not that taken with this season. Remember last season? Himouto Umaru Chan was one of the lesser offerings, then. It’d be near the top if it aired this season. It’s one of the seasons I’m least excited about in a long time (maybe Winter 2013? But that show had lots of excellent carry-overs to save the day…)

    Two of the top shows this season are second seasons: Noragami, which for some reason I never feel motivated to watch but always enjoy a lot when I do, and Haikyuu, which I, too, need time to get back into (but our newcomer was adorable (comparing Hinata to the sun was cute, considering his name).

    I, too, enjoyed the second episode of Concrete Revolutio much, much more than the opening episode. I think this episode was really good with contrast: playing off the loneliness of a ghost against the prankster personality and leading it into a tragedy. Downside is that they didn’t really go enough into the threat that fog posed, so you had little sense of context.

    I liked the Perfect Insider. It’s like a stage play with anime choreography. Of all the shows, this one has the greates potential to improve (through development), but if it doesn’t it’s going to be hard to follow and maybe a bit boring. We’ll see.

    One Punch Man is still among my favourites, but I do still hope they have ideas.

    I’ve watched both Gundam episodes now, and it’s good enough for now to keep me watching. There’s an appealing underdog story but it’s also full of the typical shounen courage stuff… this is going to be a tightrope walk for me.

    Comet Lucifer seems to be reliably entertaining, and that’s about what I can say about this. The same goes for Utawarerumone, which falls behind its legacy quite a bit so far (but it might pick up).

    I also find Starmyu surprisingly entertaining. (What’s this anime + western musical theme we have this season? I’m curious about ep2 of Dance with Devils, too.)

    Maybe the season will pick up, but as it is now, I might be dropping stuff and watching more backlog this season. We’ll see.


    • Oh, and while I’m at it: the Tantei Team show may be my favourite children’s anime since Kuro Majo san ga Toru. It’s only 9 minutes, so giving it a chance can’t hurt.

      (And the second episode of Lance’n’Masques cements this show as good fun that can juggle a variety of plot elements at once. First episdoe was more consistent in quality, but the second episode reached higher peaks.)


      • Thanks for recommending Tantei Team. I’m always looking for good shows for my daughter. I hadn’t even noticed this one, but it looks like she’d like it.


    • Huh, well Umaru-chan didn’t even compel me to pick it up last season, so it seems our seasonal opinions are flip-flopped or something. But, seriously, this was like basically 10 full episodes of stuff I liked, which is an incredible feat for any season (let alone one in just its second week).

      I actually do agree with a lot of the worries you’ve brought up about shows here, but I guess I’m just riding the wave a little higher thanks to how well everything worked for me this week.


  4. I’ve got three very clear tiers so far.

    Definite keepers (4): One Punch Man, Gundam: IBO, Comet Lucifer, and Perfect Insider
    I’m going to be watching IBO on CR’s one week delaycasts from now on. Not because of Daisuki’s commercials or anything, but simply for the chance to watch it in 720 instead of 480. Yeah, I’m spoiled, I know. Perfect Insider is one of those shows where I could tell within the first ten minutes that it’s going to be my kind of series. It’s going to be interesting watching PI, Hyouka, and Beautiful Bones all at the same time, since all three of them have detective-type characters who are extremely sharp at observing the world around them, and extremely bad at interacting with the world in normal social ways. It might be interesting to do a “compare & contrast” between those three characters after I’m done watching all three shows.

    Not expecting much, but will keep as long as they continue to entertain me (3): Young Black Jack, Lance n Masques, and Beautiful Bones (I can’t call it “Sakurako” because that’s just gets me confused with The Pet Girl of Sakuraso)
    YBJ presented an interesting medical ethics conundrum this week that was unfortunately undermined by a very Deus ex Machina resolution. Still kept my interest, though. LnM showed some improvement from week 1 to week 2, and I really like Makio, the little girl who’s sort of adopted our hero as her protector.

    One more episode away from the drop zone (2): Hacka Doll and Magical Somera-chan (while I like most of the full-length shows I’ve watched, this is looking like a really bad season for shorts)
    Hacka Doll went an unexpected direction this week. Instead of continuing the storyline with the fujoshi from last week, it had the dolls helping an idol producer instead, which led to an episode satirizing idol anime (I assume the main target was Idolmaster, though not having seen that I can’t say for sure). I suppose a “client of the week” format offers more scope for story variety, but he wasn’t nearly as interesting of a character for them to “help,” and Kaitou Joker gave us a much better idol spoof episode back in the spring anyway.

    I’ve already dropped two shows. Onsen Hakone-chan wasn’t any funnier the second week than the first, so goodbye. And I dropped Anti-Magic Academy in exactly five minutes, which might be a personal record.


    • re: Daisuki—you are aware that you can get 1080p/720p from Daisuki if you have an free account there, right? All you have to do is plug in username, email, password, basically, and they you get HD without the one-week delay. They do a terrible job advertising that fact, though, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you didn’t know…

      Young Black Jack just didn’t have quite enough firepower to get out the premiere week hole of tons of other shows, but it did have a super amazing OP, which I assume remains amazing to this day.


  5. Everything included WK 1 Revised / WK 2 Episodes of the Week EOW and Rankings ! Also A very detailed OP / ED list ! Lot of work for that / but was worth it! Next Week 3 All Shows combined!

    WEEK 2 EPISODE(S) of the WEEK / EOW for Rankings

    Lance N’ Masques Episode 2 / Are You Prepared?

    So this was going to be a slice of life with a convient hero ! Not so fast things kinda took a turn at the end with Makio’s dad and then Yotaro’s mentor ? And then Makio is kidnapped !

    The Main VA’s

    Daiki Yamashita / as Yotaro Hanafusa / Also Onoda / Yowamushi Pedal

    Ari Ozawa / as Makio

    Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun as Chiyo Sakura
    The Rolling Girls as Nozomi
    Mikagura School Suite as Otone
    Wish Upon the Pleiades as Rin, Miri
    Aquarion Logos as Karan Uminagi
    Wakaba Girl as Wakaba Kohashi
    Monster Musume as Papi
    School-Live! as Kurumi Ebisuzawa
    Classroom Crisis as Mizuki Sera

    Manami Numakura / as Yoriko

    Love Lab / Riko Kurahashi
    Arpeggio of Blue Steel / Takao
    Rail Wars! / Aoi Sakurai
    Show by Rock!! / Retoree
    The Heroic Legend of Arslan / Alfreed
    Nisekoi: / Paula McCoy

    The Perfect Insider Episode 1 / ” The White Meeting ”

    It was interesting ! I like Moe Nishinosono and Shiki Magata. Moe is a live wire while Shiki is IQ loaded ! The conservation between them seemed intense! It was enough to carry the episode !
    Sohei seemed to be too distant but maybe the posistion just grinds him! Even though the Saikawa Research Lab seems to be some kind of PC / Internet / group it looks like it wiil turn into something else!

    I like the OP/ ED

    Opening Theme / “talking” by KANA-BOON

    Ending Theme / “Nana Hitsuji” ( Seven Sheep) by Scenario Art

    Atsumi Tanezaki / Moe Nishinosono ( A relative newcomer)

    Ibuki Kido / Shiki Magata

    Recent Lead Roles

    Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara as Nanami Knight Braidfield
    Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance as Claire Rouge
    Tokyo ESP as Rinka Urushiba
    Isuca as Sakuya Shimazu
    Re-Kan! as Hibiki Amami

    Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A / “Another A”

    A nice episode ! Akari is a first Year at Butei HS . She admires Aria and wants to team up with her but fails at the rankings ! Her friends try to chheer her up and they suggest a “Amica ” trains with with an upperclassman > Even though she has the worst rank Aria lets have a test to take her gun in 30 mins . They are interrrupted by escaped convicts and Aria goes to help telling Akari to wait but Akari she Aria is going to get hit by a getaway driver ans pushes her out of the way ! Aria gives Akari one last chance and does take the gun briefly ! Akari thinks she failed but Aria respects her for saving her and trying hard! She wiil let Akari be an Ass’t for now ! But one of Akari’s friends looks shady and Aria feels Akari is hiding something !

    A great action / life lesson / intiguing episode w/o fanservice Amazing !

    Such a good VA lineup too! Some just recently worked together

    Rie KUGIMIYA (Aria) and Ayane SAKURA ( Akari ) were just on Seiyu’s life Also Yui HORIE (Kyōchikutō) was on Seiyu also

    Ai KAYANO (Shino) and Kaori ISHIHARA ( Reki) were Aoi and Kanade on Castletown Dandelion !

    Kagewani EP 2 / This was much better reminded of the 1998 Godziila when Jean Reno interviews the survivor in the Hospital Room . Then Vertical Limit (K2) with that having the second highest death count after Everest!

    World Trigger Fugitives from Another World / EP 49 / Fugitives from Another World Aptly named !

    The animation looked sharp ! / Nice change of Pace / Even if new script was very interesting !

    You have fugitives Xeno / Lilith being tracked by Gieve, a tracker from the unknown rebel planet nation Elgatess! Xeno gets into a fight with Osamu / Kuga / Chika and end in a standoff with both Xeno and Chika at death’s edge ! Lilith arrives on scene while Gieve is watching ! A Cliffhangar1

    Nice new song Dream Trigger by Pile ( Love Live! / Maki Nishikino)

    Haikyū!! 2 EP 2 / “Direct Sunlight”

    This continues to be a Highlight of Fall ! Two storires going on that belend together ! Nicely paced and done !

    Shimizu is looking for an Ass’T Mgr and finds a canidate in first year Yachi who is high strung / admires Shimizu ans is justnervous and gets the wrong impressions about people !

    Meanwhile Hinata and Kageyama need help in English and ask Tsukishima for help but isnt that helpful ! Through Shimizu they meet Yachi which is just so funny ! However they find out she is in an advanced class ans ask her for study help! Her methods seem to help and is actually relaxed after meeting Hinata ! She comes to practice and is impresssed!

    Another live wire Tanaka;s sister Saeko

    Yachi is voiced by Sumire Morohoshi ( 16 years old ) Does a good job!

    Comet Lucifer EP 2 / “Under One Roof”

    The 2nd EP really potrayed what a solid anime it is and hopefully keeps up ! I am not sure of all the particulars but apparently Sogo and Felia are lonked by the Crystal that shot into Soo’s hand ? Which brings a Mecha while that did battlle with Military / Mining faction but rushed to the Trio’s aide when they ran away then fell ! Roman and Otto rescue them just in time before the cave-in! They go to Sogo’s place and Felia wakes up which is an absolute delight Think of Chaika meets Noel and go from there ! Apparently the Blue Crystal that Sogo found is linked to Felia and becomes alive! Like I said lots to revealed !

    The Female VA cast is quite impressive / BTW two were just in School Live**** !

    There is a link to Noel (Celesial Method ) ####

    Felia / Ayaka Ohashi

    Eureka Seven AO (Fleur Blanc)
    Sabagebu! (Momoka Sonokawa)
    Akame ga Kill! (Kurome)

    Kaon Lanchester / Rie Takahashi

    Seiyu’s Life!, Futaba Ichinose, Korori-chan
    Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace, Kobayashi
    School-Live!, Miki Naoki****

    Mo Litika Sheshes Ura / Inori Minase

    Sora no Method as Noel ####
    Robot Girls Z as Gre-chan/Great Mazinger
    Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? as Hestia
    Jitsu wa Watashi wa as Nagisa Aizawa
    Miritari! as Sergeant Shachirof
    School-Live! as Yuki Takeya****
    Senki Zesshō Symphogear GX as Carol Malus Dienheim

    One-Punch Man EP2 / “The Lone Cyborg”

    A nasty insectoid girl Mosquito Girl who uses swarms of mosquitoes to get blood from anything living to become more powerful is confronted by human turned Cyborg Genos ! He is about to be killed when Saitama comes on the scene trying to kill one mosquito ( with insect spray / so funny ) and saves Genos by swatting Mosquito Girl ! Genos wants to be like One-Punch and asks to be his student! Meanwhile House of Evolution headed by Dr Genus which sent sent Mosquito Girl to try out after his experimients wants One – Punch to get his power / disect him. So he sends a squad which One Punch eventually destroys ! Just so good!

    Seraph of The End: “Battle in Nagoya” EP 13 / “Human World”

    This is really the First episode and eveything is on a higher scale the animation / story line / and more character building- intrigue ! I will break it down by highlights!

    1 Yuichiro is reading how to change Vampires into humans ( Mika ?) and Shinoa Hīragi offers some insight and declares she is a Hiragi ( more in name only ) and not to trust them as The Moon Demon members are being called in !

    Even though Shina is loyal to the Moon Demons and Guren ! She does not forget Guren (killed her sister Mahiru ? / wont spoil who developed Cursed Gears ) and is now Guren’s Cursed Gear Midday’s Night !
    Kureto Hīragi the cruel Lt General / Shinya Hīragi ( adopted by the Hīragi Family – Mahiru’s fiance- good friends with Guren ) and is not above suspiscion with Kureto / and Aoi Sangu ( sister of Mitsuba Moon Demon Company) are brininging the Moon Demon members including Yuichiro suspecting there is a Vampire Spy among them! After testing Yuichiro’s skiils they bring him into a room and test his loyalty/ asking questions by stabbing Shiho / Yoichi. Yuichiro swears he is loyal! All are released !

    4 Mika is refusing to drink blood after seeing Yuichiro !

    5 Yuichiro / Shiho / Yoichi leave Japanese Imperial Demon Army HQDRS. and he asks Guren what is the truth and wants to really learn about the Cursed Gear !

    FALL 2015 FAVORITES or not

    Week 1 / EP 2 Rough Draft

    EPISODE(S) of the WEEK / EOW

    TIER 1 Top Favorites

    Haikyuu!! Second Season CR EOW
    One Punch Man Viz Media / Daisuki EOW
    Comet Lucifer CR EOW
    Noragami Supernatural 2 / Noragami Aragato Funimation
    Heavy Object FUNI
    K 2nd Season / K Return of Kings Hulu, Neon Alley
    Concrete Revoltio / Choujin Gensou Daisuki / FUNI
    Beautiful Bones –Sakurako’s Investigation CR
    Young Black Jack CR
    MISS Monochrome 3 CR SHORT ‘Ultra Super Anime Time’ Block
    Hacka Doll the Animation CR Daisuki SHORT ‘Ultra Super Anime Time’ Block

    TIER 2 Very Good Shows

    Lance N’ Masques CR EOW EP 2
    Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note SHORT CR
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans) CR / FUNI /Daisuki
    Owari no Seraph 2 / Nagoya Kessen-hen FUNI (EP 00 Recap) ONLY FOR WK 1
    Aquarion Logos FUNI ONGOING
    DD Fist of the North Star II + Fist of the North Star: Strawberry Flavor! SHORT COMBO CR
    Hakone-chan / (Young Hot Spring Spirit Hakone-chan) SHORT CR
    Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! / (Komori Can’t Refuse!) SHORT CR
    Mr. Osomatsu (Osomatsu-san) CR
    Yuruyuri San Hai! S3 CR

    Week 2 Rough Draft

    TIER 1 Top Favorites

    Seraph of the End 2 “Battle in Nagoya” FUNI EOW
    World Trigger / (Fugitives From Another World) CR EOW
    The Perfect Insider / Subete ga F ni Naru CR EOW
    Hidan no Aria AA /Spinoff from Aria The Scarlett Ammo FUNI EOW
    Shomin Sample FUNI EOW

    TIER 2 Very Good Shows

    GARO CRIMSON MOON / Garo -Guren no Tsuki

    Again a lot of work went into this. Finding samples / then again when some are gone . And there was a at least a 6-10 rounds of comparsions. So not a first listen at all. And the Songs are really good and was hard to decicde !

    TOP OPs

    Heavy Object / “One More Chance!!” by ALL OFF # 1
    Haikyu!! 2 / “I’m a Believer” by SPYAIR # 2
    One-Punch Man / “The Hero!! Ikareru Ken ni Honō o Tsukeru” by JAM Project #3
    One-Punch Man / “The Hero!! Set Fire to the Furious Fist” by JAM Project #3
    World Trigger / (Fugitives From Another World) / “Dream Trigger” by Pile # 4
    Noragami Aragoto / “Kyōran Hey Kids!!” by THE ORAL CIGARETTES # 5
    Comet Lucifer / “The Seed and the Sower” by fhana # 6
    Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A / “Bull’s Eye” by Nano # 7
    The Perfect Insider / “talking” by KANA-BOON # 8
    Concrete Revolutio / “Katararezu Tomo” by ZAQ # 9
    The Asterisk War The Academy City on the Water / “Brand-new World” by Shiena Nishizawa # 10
    Peeping Life Season 1?? / “HOTEL Alien” by BRADIO # 11
    Young Black Jack / “I am Just Feeling Alive” by UMI KUUN # 12

    TOP ED’s

    Haikyu!! 2 / “Climber” by Galileo Galilei # 1
    Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note / “Nankai! Mystery” (Hard to Solve! Mystery) by Diana Garnet # 2
    Shomin Sample / “Twilight ni Kienaide” by Yumi Hara # 3
    K: Return of Kings ED / “Solution” by CustomiZ # 4
    The Perfect Insider / “Nana Hitsuji” ( Seven Sheep) by Scenario Art # 5
    Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double AA / “Pulse” by Team AA # 6
    Noragami Aragoto / “Nirvana” by Tia # 7
    Peeping Life Season 1?? / “Satori no Sho” by detune # 8
    Heavy Object / “Dear Brave” by Kano # 9
    One-Punch Man / “Hoshi Yori Saki ni Mitsukete Ageru” by Hiroko Moriguchi # 10
    One-Punch Man / “I’ll Find It Before the Stars for You” by Hiroko Moriguchi # 10


    • Very solid top tier you’ve got going there! Also, very cool to see your picks for the OPs/EDs of the season. I usually don’t start thinking about those until like 6 episodes in haha.


  6. I’m so happy that Noragami’s off to such a solid start! I really enjoyed the first season of this, but if things keep going the way they are now then the second season may well turn out to be even better – something of a rarity in any medium.

    I still haven’t made up my mind about Concrete Revolutio. I didn’t much care for the premiere, but dutifully watched the second episode and ended up liking it far more, which helps to balance things out a bit. I guess for me, I’m looking for a show that will make me excited to watch every time, and not just have me super enthusiastic one week and cold the next. Since I still can’t work out whether Concrete Revolutio is capable of doing this, I’m sort of up in the air about how I feel about it.


    • Yeah, it seems to me like this season of Noragami has the potential to really explode past the first season in a big way…but they’ve got a way to go before they pull that off. Thematically, the depth seems to be there, but it’ll all be in the execution. Given this team’s history, though…I’m not too worried about that.

      And yeah, Conrevo, while better this week, definitely hasn’t cemented itself as a “this will be good every week” kind of show. Hot and cold stuff really bums me out, so I hope it doesn’t go that route.


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