Aniwords – Save Me, I Love These Anime Too Much

You guys probably know better than anyone how overjoyed I’ve generally been with this season. You guys also probably know better than most how, when I’m really feeling happy about something, I just gotta let people know about it. So, of course, that’s what I did with this week’s edition of Aniwords—I told everyone how happy I am about this season (and tried to disguise it with some kind of vague lesson about how we need to be careful when being hyped about stuff to others). Read at your own risk, I suppose…

Here’s the link~

K: Return of Kings

Bonus Content:

I started watching Macross SDF tonight with a friend, so in honor of being excited about things (I’m loving it so far!), I want to share a cut of really amazing animation from the show’s second episode. Drawn by Ichiro Itano, the namesake of the famed Itano Circus animation effect, this clip of Lynn Minmay falling through the sky and protagonist Hikaru pulling her into the cockpit of his spiraling robot jet is just…well, you’ll see. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Aniwords – Save Me, I Love These Anime Too Much

  1. “(and tried to disguise it with some kind of vague lesson about how we need to be careful when being hyped about stuff to others).”


    I’m really happy to see people watch the full SDF-M series. Newbies are usually advised to watch the Do You Remember Love movie instead, and it’s honestly a sound advice in terms of pure efficiency–but even considering the TV series’ wrinkles, you just wouldn’t get nearly the same emotional impact. Even at its silliest, it’s really charming :’) (p.s. Lyn Kaifun is the worst)


  2. Seeing those pics you tweeted out last night and remembering some of the scenes they came from made me want to download some Macross fansubs and start watching it again right then and there.

    Seriously, though, as much as you enjoyed it, imagine being an 7 year old boy watching that when you’ve never seen an anime in your life before and your concept of cartoons was all stuff like Disney, Scooby Doo, and Smurfs. Because that was me when Robotech hit the air in 1985, and it totally blew my socks off. I couldn’t wait to get home and watch that after school every day.

    BTW, it also wasn’t until the last couple of years that I learned Kawamori created both Macross AND Escaflowne, meaning he’s singlehandedly done more than anyone else in the business to make me an anime fan. There’s a very good chance that I never would’ve given the medium a second thought if it weren’t for those two shows.


    • Macross is cool and good, from what I can see so far. Enjoying it a whole lot.

      And yeah, it must have been awesome for kids who saw Macross as one of their first anime. And yeah, Kawamori is awesome—I assume you’ve seen most of his stuff, too (AKB0048 and EVOL)?


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