Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 3

Another very good week in a season of very good and likable shows—the highlights, by far, were Concrete Revolutio and Haikyuu!!. I’m pretty happy to say I’m pretty much in the exact same spot with this season as I was last week: exceedingly happy at how good things have been and joyful that it’s been this easy to like everything I’m watching.

K: Return of Kings

The Perfect Insider, Episode 2: I think I could have been tempted to blog this show had I not already had Hyouka on my schedule, but I’m thankful I avoided that mistake. I don’t mean that The Perfect Insider doesn’t have the depth and weight that would make it a good blogging show. It does, but I really think I prefer to allow The Perfect Insider to speak for itself—because it’s just so darn good at doing exactly that. There’s a kind of subtle unsubtly to this show, in a way that causes it to be both arresting and vaguely ethereal at the same time. There’s a weight to these characters that’s constantly being compromised by the insubstantial nature of their philosophies and disengaged ways of interacting with each other. It’s like seeing a bunch of marble bounce around inside a colorless vacuum cube, never to actually collide with each other. It’s almost kind of morbid to watch them contact with each other? Anyways, sorry to disappoint if you’re hoping to see me break down the cinematography—as far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing more to be said about the two shots below…or about the rest of the episode.

Haikyuu!! S2, Episode 3: I don’t expect these kinds of episodes from Haikyuu!!, but I’m glad they exist. For a show that’s revolved entirely around volleyball, getting a genuine (and excellent) character arc from a non-volleyball player was a surprise. To have it be Yachi was a genuine delight. I loved Yachi before she even showed up in an episode proper, but in the two episodes she’s been around (and been the featured character, nonetheless), I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how wonderful she is. I know the focus of the show will inevitably shift back the Karasuno volleyball team—as it should—but getting to spend sometime getting to know Yachi…well, I’ve been very happy with it. Better yet, Yachi’s struggle this week—whether or not she wanted to commit to something, especially something involving people who are super passionate about that something—is one I relate to a lot. And to then tie that in with a small family story about Yachi and her mom and to have that story end the way it did? Since when do I cry watching Haikyuu!!?

Concrete Revolution, Episode 3: Man, this show just gets better and better—also, hello Yutaka Nakamura! The more time we spend with the Superhuman Bureau (the past timeline Superhuman Bureau, that is), the more I come to really like them. They’re an odd group to put together, but—at least for now—they work really well together. And I don’t mean professionally, since it’s obvious they’re out of step with each other and more than a little dysfunctional. Yet, once again, Conrevo shows it has the writing chops to make these short stories emotionally and thematically effective. The overriding idea in Conrevo—disillusionment—is a powerful one, and seeing the show come at it from different angles each week has been a fascinating and well-conceived way to to tackle the theme and avoid it feeling overly cynical or repetitive. Although…is Conrevo cynical? Early on, it doesn’t seem to hold a much of a bright outlook for anyone. The good people get exiled or corrupted, the bad ones…are they even really bad? I think the resolution of Jiro (and Kikko)’s stories will probably hold the answer.

Gundam Tekketsu, Episode 3: A much more relaxed episode than the last two, despite featuring a duel. Which…actually feel kind of weird considering how much happened and how the body count for this show continued to increase. The most important piece of this element, I think, was simply how willing Mika is to do whatever people ask of him, particularly when it involves killing. Orga tells him to kill Crank, Mika sets out to do it. Crank asks Mika to kill him, Mika obliges. And this is interesting, because it’s not as if Mika is an entirely blank canvas. He’s got some semblance of emotion and motivation to him, but he still feels extremely malleable. Orga and Kudelia, on the other hand, are both proving be me very definite, hard characters, even if Kudelia is still figuring out exactly how she’s supposed to go about this fight. I was pretty delighted by how quickly she swerved away from “I’ve gotta fight in a robot to be strong/useful” to “I can fight in other ways.” Okada saves Gundam, week 3, is in the books.

Gundam Tekketsu

Comet Lucifer, Episode 3: Two episodes in one, but both were good, so no complaints here. I continue to be delighted by the “Kaon and Sogo function as Felia’s mom and dad” schtick, particularly because Felia continues to cling to Kaon first, and Sogo second. Kaon’s actually getting a whole lot of good characterization by way of how she treats Felia, which is unfortunately leaving Sogo out in the cold a bit character-wise. Even so, little tricks like Sogo setting up a bunch of the hoverscooter things to fire at the beserk mecha were nice touches. But, wait, I’ve skipped ahead to the second half already. The first half was mostly just a time to get to know the town and rejoice over Felia’s cute faces and Moura’s snark (thanks, Minori Inase, you’re doing great work). The second half was less good thanks to the villain having to be a creepy, semi-rape threat guy, but the tightrope mecha battle was super cool. All in all, the show continues to be fun and cute, and that’s all I want it to be!

Comet Lucifer

Short Takes~

  • Miss Monochrome S3, Episode 3: Summary—a reversed battery reverses literally everything about Miss Monochrome, including her gender. More absurd humor from a show that excels at exactly that.
  • K: Return of Kings, Episode 3: This show is still: 1) super pretty if you like colors, 2) surprisingly easy to invest in, 3) kind of awesome, 4) filled with good-looking dudes, 5) boasting Neko as my favorite character—and is not, 5) still teasing Shiro’s return because he’s back! YES.
  • Noragami Aragoto, Episode 3: Man, this show continues to improve as the situation for our characters continues to disintegrate. It’s tough to watch, because I like all of these characters and the emotional devastation being wrecked on them is sad, but it’s also gratifying to see Noragami continue to swing for the emotional fences and generally succeed. Just please no “Hiyori loses memory” plot again.
  • One Punch Man, Episode 3: Genos’ fights are almost more fun than Saitama’s, simply because he has a much wider array of weaponry and attacks to choose from. Lesser episode from this show.
  • Heavy Object, Episode 3: Bleck. This week’s livetweets.

Noragami Aragoto


17 thoughts on “Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 3

  1. Yato’s adorkable side vs serious mode just got kicked up a level in this episode. He can be so derpy and fun and lovable, but he can also unleash his overwhelming presence of a god and pierce through the other person, showing just how much a gap there is between him and his ‘victim’.

    But at the same time, he is also vulnerable, vulnerable to being forgotten. We will soon see how this weakness will be exploited, which makes me a bit frustrated because I tend to dislike things like “being held hostage”, “loses memory”, etc.

    I’m considering to continue the first season of K; was at episode 2 or 3 when I stopped.

    Finally finished season 1 of Haikyuu!! and now kept up with S2. What a joy this show is. Even more so when I was just very recently competed in a team competition (martial art performance). The nervousness right before the match, the excitement, the everything. Viewing experience is enhanced.


    • Yeah, Yato’s switches into divine mode are some of my favorite moments in the show. And yeah, I’m with you on the hostage/loses memory thing, especially since the anime original arc in S1 kind of used that same trope. Oh well…

      I’d definitely encourage you to continue with K if you enjoy it. It’s definitely not a show for everyone, but if it is a show for you, it’ll bring you a lot of joy.

      Although probably not as much as Haikyuu!!


  2. (re: Gundam)
    Mikazuki’s an interesting one. He’s a clear embodiment of ‘us vs. them’ mentality taken to the extreme: you’re either with us or against us, absolutely no middle ground. Absolute trust in the chain of command is soldiers’ way to simplify and justify the things they have to do, and we knew Mika’s trust to Orga extended to the deeply personal level as well, completely enabling him to be their ace. Makes you wonder what’d happen if, you know, Orga is killed off at some point. Feel like they’re eventually going to do that.

    Speaking of, I really like a small scene in the first ep, when Mika inquired about a grunt kid’s bruise. Great understated character work to show he’s not some heartless killer machine, and reinforced that whole ‘us vs. them’ theme. I don’t think that Okada’s writing been perfect, though. There’s some amount of romanticization that I’m not comfortable with, and a mourning line in ep 2 (“you should’ve died in soft bosom of women and not inside the grasp of cold cockpit” or some nonsense like that) made me really cringe.

    Anyway, I like this season. Osomatsu, Insider, and Gundam are all fascinating shows and I’ll definitely complete them. Sakurako and Black Jack rebounded from the brink with a more convincing second episode (well, to me, at least). Although watching the musical video for Black Jack OP might’ve tricked me into actually liking the show… hmmm.

    Orange just got licensed in my place, and I remembered Bless ( it’s you, isn’t it?) gushing about it somewhere in this blog, so I picked up the first volume. It’s a decent start, plenty of feels and heart that I’d expect from good shoujo. Hope the dude is saved and there’s not going to be a mess of timeline paradox or something (also, I think I’m going to sympathize with Suwa the most by the end. Could tell where his character arc is heading already ^^)


    • Yeah, Okada’s definitely not been perfect and has occasionally dipped into very Okada-like things (the “soft bosom” thing, the “butt fruit” thing). Even so, this is some of the strongest plotting I’ve seen from her, and the character work is great, too.

      Too bad the YBJ OP video is down now!! Freaking YouTube Red… ;-;

      And oh, yes, Orange is fantastic. I also think it’ll read better in print than it did on my phone, so you’re in for a treat. It’s getting a US omnibus release next year and I’m getting hyped to buy it.


  3. Regarding One-Punch Man, I think Genos makes the show much, much better. In some ways, OPM is a typical superhero dynamic, where Genos is Batman (the serious fighter) and Saitama is Robin (comic relief) for most of the episode. Only Saitama is the one who ends the fights. Genos being actually competent and heroic makes the viewer root for him during his interesting fights, and allows Saitama to stay in the background for much of the episode. A good comparison is Overlord last season, which ended up quite boring as the MC overpowered everything.

    For Gundam, I guess I’m just not seeing the amazingness of this show. To me it feels like every other mech show ever written. I am impressed that Okada seems to have made the main character and romantic interest an out-and-out psychopath. I bet she’s going to soften on that position though. It would be truly interesting if she didn’t, and showed the other characters realizing just how damaged/dangerous Mika is.


    • Yeah, great points on Genos.

      And definitely don’t discount Okada’s ability to write characters who are very deeply messed up. Idk if you’ve seen WIXOSS, but that show is full of characters just as, if not more, messed up than Mika and Orga.


  4. Gundam, OPM, and Perfect Insider is going to be an interesting three-way fight for my personal AOTS. None of them is looking ready to back down right now.

    Young Black Jack now looks poised to join those three (and Lucifer) in the tier of shows that I’m all-in on. Even though I enjoyed the first couple of episodes I still wasn’t sure where the hook was going to be for me. Well now they might have given me one. This episode involved a deserter from the US military in Vietnam who couldn’t get treated at a regular hospital without being arrested, and next episode looks like it may actually take place in Vietnam itself. There aren’t many anime that go deep into the realm of historical fiction outside the Sengoku period, but if this show is serious about making full use of its 1960s setting, then my history-majoring self is really going to enjoy it.

    At the other end of the barrel, this week saw Magical Somera-chan bid farewell to my list, which is now down to eight shows for the season. I’m still not sure what exactly MS-c was trying to be, but whatever it was it wasn’t working. I came in fully prepared to drop Hacka Doll too, but it bounced back with a pretty funny spoof of Summer Wars that earned it another week’s grace on the countdown.

    I’ve been doing the Anime Watching Challenge over on MAL this year – the full 40-item list – and I’m down to the last few items. One that I finally crossed off this week was the “Watch an anime from a genre you dislike” item. There are only about three genres that I can honestly say I dislike more often than not, and two of those (hentai and yaoi) I wasn’t going to touch. That only left me with ecchi, so to finally cross off that item I picked up Bikini Warriors, which just ran during the summer. And yeah, it was raunchy as hell, and by no means would I call it good, but it actually turned out to be way funnier than I expected. When it wasn’t sexually harassing the heroes, it was spoofing and parodying every JRPG trope under the sun, and as someone who’s played a ton of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest over the years, it was impossible for me not to enjoy that. So it gets a higher-than-expected 4/10 and a spot somewhere down in the 60-70 range on my ongoing list. I also addressed the “watch something recommended to you by another challenge participant” category by asking someone I know to pick something for me that I haven’t seen yet. He chose Non Non Biyori, which I’m perfectly happy with. Now I just need to find the time somewhere to actually watch it!

    On the topic of video games, if I may digress for a bit, I saw from your tweets that you picked up Sakura Wars yesterday. Good choice! That was one of my favorite games on the PS2, so I hope we get occasional updates on your progress. And BTW, Gemini=best girl. Just wanted you to know that. Over on the School Idol Festival front, I finally got enough love gems saved up to do the first 10+1 pull for the anime club account. I decided to pull when they had the Printemps box up a few days ago, because that trio has two of my three favorites, including best girl Honoka of course. Hanayo’s the only one of the three I don’t care about, but eh, whatever. So I did the pull, and what do I get? Seven Hanayos, three Kotoris, and one Honoka that duplicated the only Honoka I already had (and naturally went into idolizing her, of course). The one thing that redeemed that draw is that I got a really useful SR. She’s green, which was by far the weakest color (and actually still is, even with her), while her skill restores 4 stamina every 18 seconds at a 36% rate. That’s super-helpful for me since I haven’t been playing very long and I’m still pretty bad at hard songs, so it gives me a little extra margin for error (I can clear the regular Hits on hard level, albeit with pretty low scores, but with the latest event song on hard it was all I could do just to survive the first minute).


  5. Perfect Insider has a good chance to end up being the best show of the season. None of the characters feel like a cliché. It’s a tad tedious when it’s trying to philosophise, but it’s brilliant when it’s not. A lot going on, too.

    Concrete Revolutio had another strong episode, and what’s more, they’re fairly good at doing different styles each episode, so that’s good.

    Lance’n’Masques is coming to the inevitable part where the show takes its chivalric ideals too seriously. It’s still too early to tell with certainty what they’re going to do, but it seems distasteful gender ideas and stupid heroism might mar my enjoyment of the show. It’s still surprisingly good with with plot, though. The main draw remains visuals and music, though.

    Osomatsu kun might be the best comedy of the year. It’s utter randomness hits all the right spots with me.

    One Punch Man is already yielding diminishing returns for me (but it might bounce back, who knows?). I’m not sure what I think of the Gundam show – it’s fine, but really nothing special in my book. Comet Lucifer is stable fun and little else. Utawarerumono is also stable fun, but there’s potential for this one to actually get interesting eventually (it’s not as good as the first series, IMO).

    What I’m sorely lacking this season is solid feelgood show that helps me relax. Gochiusa doesn’t really cut it for me, and what else is there? The closest I get, I think, is Starmyu


  6. Doing 2 Posts as this is quite lenghty followed by the favorites!

    [b]EPISODE(S) of the WEEK 2( 3 LATE SHOWS) WEEK 3 [/b]

    Shomin Sample EP 2 / Reiko Is Who We Wish to Be Like”

    This week was more of a spotlight on Reiko Arisugawa the most polite Girl at the Academy ! She is quite naive about common people but her and the others actually seem quite respectful of regular folk! They even seem to want to be friends with Aika who refuses to have anything to do with others ! I liked how the girls were reserved but not snobish ! There was some fanservice with Reiko but was more like art!

    Aria the Scarlett Ammo AA EP 2 / “Dangerous Relationship”

    Akira continues to study with Aria who is still has suspicions about her but likes her unique fighting art! Shino meanwhile id jealous and finds a loophole to break the “Amica ” between Aria / Akira If in three days time Alira is defeated that voids the contract because Aria is suppose to protect her ! Meanwhile Aria wants Akira to find a some skills so she tasks her to sew up her new para-glide chute which she does in the best stiching possible in one day when Aria thought at least two days ! Aria has to leave so Shino invites Akira over for dinner ! She never had a friend until Akira thus the over the top Jealousy! Shino invites Akira out to the Garden where she attacks her with powerful swords ! Akira had 15 minutes left to make the contract legal and almost lost! Akira uses her tie ( Uniform has armor like qualties ) and catches her blade and flips her into the pool! Meanwhile Aria stayed behind because she saw Shino tailing them ! I like Aria’s Ninja friend who only needs Yasisoba for a task!

    Beautiful Bones Sakurako’s Investigation EP 2 / “Where Do You Live?”

    This quite a surprise ! A compelling episode but also sad ! The sad child abuse also happens way too often in real life ! Some weak points did the mother hurt Yuuka or did somebody else like that wasnt in the episode and that’s why they were living in horrible conditions because the mother did protect them! As far as the police they are not that good ! You would think the crime scene would be swarming with CSI but this is anime logic ! Sakurako is just so interesting not only with her skills but the flashbacks !

    Shizuka Ito /as Sakurako / Has Great VA ROLES (***^ LEADS)

    Starship Operators (Sinon Kouzuki)(Lead Role as Captian) Very underated anime
    El Cazador de la Bruja (Nadie) ( Lead Role as the Bounty Hunter ) Team her up with Revy
    Hayate the Combat Butler (Hinagiku Katsura)( The fan popular SC PREZ)
    Sky Girls ( Lt Eika Ichijo)
    Blassreiter (Amanda Werner) (Lead Role)
    Working’!! (Kozue Takanashi) ( Sota’s fitness sister )
    Jormungand / Jormungand: Perfect Order (Koko Hekmatyar) ( Lead Role as the Arms Dealer CMDR)
    Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (Bellows) The no nonsense salvage leader ****
    Psycho-Pass (Yayoi Kunizuka) The female enforcer Unit 1
    D-Frag! (Takao) I like the connection on this one ! ****
    Assassination Classroom (Irina Jelavic) The over the top sassy hitwoman ****
    Heavy Object (Major Floretia Capistrano) ****

    The Perfect Insider Episode 2 / Azure Encounter

    This so good ! It might seem boring but the underlying tension is there ! The Saikawa Research Lab and Moe go to Shiki Magata Island where things seem different as in Teccnonlogy ! Moe and Sohei seem to have different ideas about their relationship ! Then there is the flashbacl ?? with Magata / unkown male that just asks so many ?? Moe lies about a meeting with Shiki but get inside ! Eventually they are allowed to go see her but the security system is having glitches ! Security doesnt want to open her door up but how comes a Ghost ( Shika !

    If you are not sure about this anime read the Author’s infro! Hiroshi Mori just amazing person!

    He is an avid modeler / inventor / was a Science Profesor PhD. and likes radio control models / much more

    The Cart P1 in the anime! Radio Controlled

    He was a really good manga artist but stopped and became a writer.

    He has Doctorate of Engineering / thesis on a numerical method for analyzing the flow of viscous plastic / also specialist in rheology (a branch of physics that deals with deformation and flow of matter), and in particular, the studies of viscous-plastics

    He was a professor at associate professor at Nagoya University but didnt instead to write !

    Mori’s writings are called “rikei mystery,” which roughly translates into “science mystery.”

    He gets flak the overuse of computer jargons.Saying they are like nouns / people !

    So I get the basis for The Perfect Insider ! In fact it makes it easier to get the gist of the anime !

    Ultra Super Anime Time Episodes 3 / I enjoyed all 3 so I put them as one ( Are they doing subliminal homages ?)

    KAGEWANI Episode 3 / Return

    It’s starting to get interesting / the one shortfall nothing seems to be going forward until the Black Liquid connection ! This is like another movie / anine homage FIrst Pacific Rim ( Kaiju ) with the fissure in the oceam combined with the ( Gauna ) Knights of Sidomia by asborbing people!

    Hackadoll the Animation Episode 3 / That’s What Hackadolls Are For

    This was so funny how many tropes they use ! Almost pulled it off after a near failure of the cutting edge software until Hacka Doll No.3 has to click that link! So much like Excel Saga meets Robot Girls Z I needed a good laugh!

    Miss Monochrome The Animation – 3 Episode 3 / Mister

    Like Miss Monochrome said don’t do this at home inverting the batterries ! It was funny her reverse gender was more popular but so withdrawn!

    GARO CRIMSON MOON EP 2 / “Tied Sword ”

    This got interesting fast ! Raikou and Seimei take an apprentice assigned by the Watchdog Center under their wing. Apparently the apprentice is the Son Of the Original Golden Knight ! But his father lost his life from Horrors and was taken over by them However Seimei rescued Raikou at that time and had the Sword and Ring . So the Apprentice and Raukou let the Sword decicde where it belongs ! It lunges at Raikou who stops it with his bare hands and defeats the horror ! I like Seimei as she is quite sassy!

    Noragami Supernatural 2 / Noragami Aragato EP 3 / “Wish”

    This was another good eoisode ! Yukine wants to see Suzuha but Yato forbids it knowing he is dead ! Nora is back tormenting Yato and helping pull the strings in Kuraha’s plan to bring Bishamonten down! Tato goes to the Cherry tree and sees Kazuma laying flowers and confronts him ! They are transported back to Bishamonten HQDRS. Kuraha has been hinting that Suzuha was friends with Yuline to Bishamonten and when they showed up she tried to kill Yukine ! Kazuma stops her and asks him if he is friends with Yato as they worled together to Kill her bad Regalia trying to Kill Yato who wiil dsave her ! She is outraged and banish him! He has to go to Yato and friends ! Yukine is depressed and cant help Yato who is attacked by Kuraha and Hiyori tries to help but is captured by a Phantom ! Yato has to battle all kinds of phantoms and Kazuma helps but Hiyori is taken away to become one of Bishamonten! But she is seperated from her body which is not good at all!

    Heavy Object EP 3 / “The Little Soldiers Who Tie Down Gulliver / The Snowy Deep Winter Battle of Alaska III”

    Despite the ups and downs of this anime EP 3 was a K.O. Our trio just dont give up despite great odds ! They figure out the Strider needs constant repairs becuase of its propulsion system mainly it’s legs which take a lot of Stress ! They think they can find a weak point and when they get to the enemy base it is lightly guarded because the Strider just wins ! No Tanks aircraft etc ! They get into the mantenance hangar and bot to get into the anazing tech Qwenthur finds a manual and knows the Object will self destruct if a Fail l Safe systen is disabled ! Havia and Qwenthur plabt C-4 all over the place ans send a msg to Frolaytia askinf for help saying they wiil take out the Obkect but to wait for the big bang ! Meanwhile Milinda if she distract the ebemy the inside Duo have a better chance but kinda backfires when she is brought to the base and Qwenthur refuses to leave her behind . The CMDR captures all but the object cant move but is going to use the cannon on them when the Fail=Safe goes off blowing the object to bits ib a big boom! Frolaytia arrive withe her forces and take out the Cmdr who was just going to shoot them She knows quite well war again has changed because no human ever took down an Object before ! They get a Hero’s welcome ! Oh I was ROFL when they had “Fix News ” with headlines ! Frolaytia just lookede freat in her dress and even Milindia looed very nice in her conservative dress ! Which BTW she thanked them ! But the big bash was just a ploy to ship the Trio off to another battle zone !

    K: Return of Kings EP 3 / “Kismet” ( meaning fate )

    For myself I am dazzled by the animation ! There’s fluid movement of backgtound such as the clouds / dust particles / eben the moving wallpaper at Kuroh / Neko Pad !

    Neko is hanging out at Homra much to Yato’s diddain ! But Anna offers Kuroh / Neko a place tp stay to be safer but declines ! Yata discovers the bounty issued on him!

    Jungle / Green is planing new attacks and have bounties on Yata-Homra / Fushimi-Scepter 4
    Yukari and his wiseguy sidekick Sukuna take off to attack Ashinaka High School (blue) but Sukuna gets a text and gores after Yata!

    Kuroh / Fushimi run into each other and form somewhat of an alliance!

    Neko / Kuroh are going to Ashinaka High School ( Island ) and encounter Yukari which breaks into a battle things are going badly and Neko has the Shiro object and wishes for him and does appear ! Onto next EP!

    World Trigger EP 50 (Fugitives From Another World) EP 50 / “Invisible Assailants”

    With an uneasy truce between Osamu / Kuga / Chika and Xeno / Lillith (unknown rebel planet nation Ergates) Chika agrees to let Xeno have some Trion. However they come under attack from Gieve ( Tracker ) and his array of weapons! They escape and back to Shizuka City ( Border’s Training Camp ) and run into their teamates Karasuma / Konami and have to lie about Xeno / Lilth being a runaway couple ! Usami comes out and invites everybody inside ! There is a nice seafood curry but Xeno is being stubborn but Lilith keeps him in check ! Osamu is on edge but then remembers Jin saying there will be some neighbors to take care of !

    A Sidenote nice to see Tamakoma First as a small cast especially the return of Konami ( Kirie) !

    Osamu knows that he has to tell the rest of the team that they are neighbors but Usami akready knows from Jin and will tell everybody but they come obder attack again but the team dispells them!

    Back at HQDRS Jin and Masamune know that Neighbors are in Shizuka City but disagrre about using A- Ranks for surveilance since they will be fighting !

    Haikyuu!! Second Season EP 3 / “Townsperson B”

    Great character building ! Yachi is still having doubts about being in the Volleyball team ! After tutoring Kageyama and Hinata and Hinata telling her about going to Toyko for the practice Yachi’s moom is not sure! Her mom is busy with businees and is away alot and she gets left alone adding to her insecurties but Hinata comes back for his textbool and learns she hasnt ask her mom for permission yet! So Hinata rushes her of to the train station where she surprises her mom with being so upfront ! After watching the team / getting tips from Kageyama Hinata and Shimizu she feels like she might fit in! She overhears about the bus problems and decicdes to help ! She is at home trying to think of something and mom ( a design person ) helps her and comes with a great poster of Hinata oaring and gets donations going !She accepts the Ass’t MGR role and is welcomed with a uniform of her own! But is there trouble with the gllomy looks of the exams coming back ?

    Seraph of the End 2 “Battle in Nagoya” EP 2 / “Complicated Connections”(The Post-Shinjuku Arc)

    Another good episode with some interpersonal character insight! Both Yu and Kimizuki must conquer their Cursed Gear !They are afraid of Yu as what happened in the past! Nobody has told him! Yu battles against Asuramaru in his mind and defeats Asuramaru by asking to become friends. Yu’s scary chilhood is brought into play as his parents want want him dead being a Seraph trial!

    At a Progenitor Council Meeting Krul tactics / failures are brought into question by the Council saying she could be replaced as ruler od Japan! But she says she has a plan ! Ferid and Krol go at it even to the point that Krul will kill him but he gas secrets !

    There is some kind of alliance ?? about the Seraphs between a human and vampire ! Like Guren Hrul has secrets too! Both sides have major internal conflicts going on!

    Kimizuki’s test with Kiseki-o is really troublesome ! He flashes back to his sister Mirai who is infected with the Apocalypse Virus9 But also a Seraph) ! His friends want him to kill her but refuses ! He then slices Kiseki-o and the contract is bimded


  7. Before I get into my take a slew of new rules at a streaming site has a lot of fans quite upset ! It’s getting like kindergarden really !

    I will only post my take on the shows as there id too many thin-skinned people out there in anime land it’s your own take and I just want to have my peaceful post !

    WATCHING 36 SHOWS ( 14 are SHORTS ) ( 22 FULL Length )

    WEEK 2( 3 LATE SHOWS) / WEEK 3


    SEE Episode of thw week post as they are more in depth!

    1 Haikyuu!! Second Season EOW EP 3
    2 Noragami Supernatural 2 / Noragami Aragato EOW EP 3
    3 Seraph of the End 2 “Battle in Nagoya” EOW
    4 One Punch Man Good show / feels like Space Dandy in a way!
    5 The Perfect Insider / Subete ga F ni Naru EOW
    6 Beautiful Bones Sakurako’s Investigation EOW EP 2
    7 Heavy Object EOW EP 3
    8 World Trigger / (Fugitives From Another World) EOW EP 50
    9 K 2nd Season / K Return of Kings EOW EP 3
    10 Hidan no Aria AA EOW EP 2
    11 Shomin Sample EOW EP 2
    12 Concrete Revoltio / Choujin Gensou Needs to settle back in!
    13 Comet Lucifer After a good EP 2 . EP 3 was all over the place / Dont do a Charlootte on us
    14 GARO CRIMSON MOON / Garo -Guren no Tsuki EOW EP 2
    15 Young Black Jack I have fun watching this !

    SPECIAL NOTE Ultra Super Anime Time Episodes 3 / I enjoyed all 3 so I put them as one EOW combo #### ( Are they doing subliminal homages ?)

    16 MISS Monochrome 3 EOW COMBO EP 3 ####
    17 Hacka Doll the Animation EOW COMBO EP 3 ####
    18 TEEKYUU 6 The comedy slipped a little this week
    19 Lance N’ Masques A nice surprise anime
    20 Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note Actuallt has good life lessons

    [blue]TIER 2 Good Shows[/blue]

    21 AntiMagic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” / Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai This has become better
    22 Mobile Suit Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans) I thought this would be better for me but just seems avg ! I guess I am in the minority !
    23 The File of Young Kindaichi Returns Season 2 Still like this anime
    24 Aquarion Logos This anime has wild swings it actually has gotten better as of late !
    25 Attack on Titan: Junior High (Shingeki! Kyojin Chugakko) Just watching for the comedy
    26 Kagewani series EOW COMBO EP 3 ####
    27 Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! (Komori Can’t Refuse!) Funny for a short
    28 Hakone-chan (Young Hot Spring Spirit Hakone-chan) Funny for a short
    29 Lovely Movie: Itoshi no Muco Season 3 Like this anime has potential to move up!
    30 Yuruyuri San Hai! S3 This has hit or misses / but watched other seasons !

    Special Note / Probally only post these anime for this week only !


    31 Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan / Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry / ‘A Chivalry of a Failed Knight’ Actually shows signs of getting better
    32 The Asterisk War: The Academy City of the Water (Gakusen Toshi Asterisk) I think the genre of Academy training shows is getting stale Space them out at least!
    33 Anime De Training! Ex / Anitore! EX’ Is this exercise or Fanservice ?
    34 Monster Strike Since this an orphan just getting into it ! Should be full length IMO
    35 Magical Somera-chan / Fushigina Somera-chan Just Watching
    36 JK-MESHI! Just watching

    OVA / ONA / Special

    Blood Blockade Battlefront EP 12 / “Hello, World!”
    Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei Herz! Specials (CAT GIRLS )
    The Eden of Grisaia Specials 1 / 2
    Yozakura Quartet Yoza-Quar! / Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta Specials 1 / 2 / 3
    Robot Girls Z Plus EP 6 FINAL
    Seraph Of the Endless / Owaranai Seraph Speciaks 1-4


    Peeping Life Season 1??
    Mr. Osomatsu (Osomatsu-san)
    DD Fist of the North Star II + Fist of the North Star: Strawberry Flavor!
    Brave Beats


  8. Sorry to miss last weeks Wall, and to be a bit late on this one… we’re undergoing some interesting life changes here and they impact my ability to watch and to write. Hopefully it will only be temporary… So, here’s where I stand as of now,

    (*) indicates a show I’m watching with my lady.

    Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon eps 1-3; Keeps teetering between a generic harem at Magical High School show, and something a bit deeper. Still tottering on the precipice.

    Comet Lucifer eps 1-3; I want to like this show, but ep 3 was a serious disappointment. I’m not at all fond of the Kaon/Sogo/Felia dynamic. Still tottering on the precipice.

    Concrete Revolutio eps 1-3; Another show that’s not living up to it’s potential. The story telling style was more linear in ep 3, but as with ep 2 they keep just dropping stuff in. In some ways, both eps feel more like an AMV on YouTube – highlights of a longer, deeper arc. Still tottering on the precipice. Still tottering on the precipice.

    Doamayger-D (*) eps 1-2; Too weird for words – but still fairly funny… A candy making mecha battles various giant monsters with it’s mad confectionary skills.

    Fushigi na Somera-chan eps 1-2; WT [bleeping] F am I watching? Dropped.

    Hacka Doll the Animation (*) eps 1-3; Looked like it might be interesting, but turned out not to be, mostly due to the episodic nature and the jumps in focus, dropped.

    Heavy Object eps 1-3; From bad to worse. If it’s not teetering on the precipice, it’s only because I’m watching to see just how bad it can be…

    JK Meshi! eps 1-2; Looked right up my alley, turned out to be lame. Dropped.

    Lovely Muuuuuuuco! (*) eps 1-3; I feel so bad for this show… it’s funny and very entertaining and very different. But I seem to be about the only person watching it. I had to start the discussion thread over on Crunchy after ep 2! It’s a short, so do yourself a favor and check it out. You’ll laugh and become a fan too I bet.

    Miss Monochrome 3 (*) eps 1-3; Still good, still worth watching, but as with season 2 having an actual plot has lead to a great deal of unevenness. But ep3 was a sheer delight.

    Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans On my list, just haven’t got around to it.

    One-Punch Man (*) eps 1-3; I’m loving OPM – and hoping it can hold it’s edge. So far however, it;s one trick has actually played second fiddle which helps a great deal in keeping it alive. The boss battle in ep 3 was a delight.

    Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan eps 1-3; I didn’t expect to, but I’m actually enjoying this. Probably because it’s a short, the stupid doesn’t have time to really accumulate before it’s over for the week.

    Shomin Sample ep1; Though there are three eps in the can, I’ve only watched one… which probably says all that needs to be said.

    The Asterisk War eps 1-3; A straight up trope fest – that I just can’t keep my eyes of off.

    Valkyrie Drive -Mermaid- ep.5; Checked it out from sheer curiosity, dropped before the eyecatch. It’s nothing more than an extended commercial for it’s uncensored DVD/BR release.

    In other news; My lady love is watching Beautiful Bones and Perfect Insider and seems to be enjoying both.


    • I wouldn’t touch Valkyrie Drive myself, but it is airing uncensored in Japan and I saw someone mention that the unedited episodes are available on It’s just Funimation’s stream that’s censoring everything.

      LOL at your reaction to Somera-chan, which was basically the same as mine.


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