Knights of Sidonia – DVD Review

So, as I announced a fair bit back, I’ve started writing for The Fandom Post! I won’t really be reviewing a ton of stuff over there, but it’s nice to be writing outside of my normal wheelhouse on occasion. I kicked off my stint there with a review of Knights of Sidonia, which prior to watching I only knew as “that Attack on Titan show in space with CG.” Turns out, Sidonia is pretty good—overall, I’d rate it above Titan. The parts I enjoyed most, sadly, were the parts that were around the least, but it’s an engaging watch from start to finish and, with CG becoming more and more prevalent these days, it’s neat to see what Polygon Productions was able to accomplish.

Read the review here~ (I’m actually very happy with how it turned out.)

Knights of Sidonia

3 thoughts on “Knights of Sidonia – DVD Review

  1. I wanted to watch Sidonia but couldn’t because of the CGI: motion sickness. So it goes. I think I might have liked it, at least a little, even though I don’t like the 3D-aesthetic as a matter of course.


    • Oh, yeah, I can definitely see this show giving people motion sickness. I don’t think it’s even just the CGI—a lot of what they’re doing with the camera and space and the like could definitely make people queasy.

      The 3D aesthetic actually works pretty well, though! Kind of plays into the weirdness of everything.


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