Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 6

We’re halfway!


K: Return of Kings

Noragami Aragoto, Episode 6: And thus, I presume, concludes the Bishamon Arc. As generally good as last week’s episode was, it (in my opinion) doesn’t really hold a candle to the excellence of this week’s episode. Now, while I’ll admit I haven’t really been much involved emotionally in Bishamon’s arc—as well-executed as this story has been, I think it’s almost entirely failed to make Bishamon sympathetic in the same way Yukine and Yato are—I was still struck by how fascinating it managed to make all of the character dynamics this week. The tension between gods and Regalias was touched on a bit in Yukine’s arc during the first season, but it’s really in Bishamon’s arc that this dynamic has been explored in full. “Gods can do no wrong,” Yato declares—the human conception of good and bad doesn’t apply to those beings who are above the human condition. I suppose this is the crux of Kugaha’s being cast out of heaven. He attempted to impose human values on the divine, and was inevitably punished for it. And not simply by death, but by a fate worse than death.

But Kugaha says he loved Bishamon more than anyone, and despite his actions I think he’s to be believed. But Kugaha loved—and how he came to this point, we may not ever know—not the person of Bishamon, but the concept of Bishamon. And it is here that his love differs from that of Kazama, who loves Bishamon as Veena, the person of a god. Man must negotiate his dealings with gods on his own, and it will never be easy. How can the human ever truly understand the divine?

K: Return of Kings, Episode 6: It’s interesting that we’re approaching what will probably be a major climax in the show’s seventh episode, which also leads me to believe that the story from here on out is going to be fairly predictable. Nagare will defeat Anna, Munakata, and Shiro to take control of the Slates, and the remaining episodes will be spent working up to defeating him and—likely—destroying the Slates once and for all. Note, of course, that I don’t hold predictable storylines in the some sort of contempt that others do; the journey to the end here, especially considering the way K is always experimenting with different things. For example, this week we had the stunning long take at the beginning of Kuroh and Sukuna’s fight, a 20-second clip of wild camera gyrations and zooms—and imperfect final product, certainly, but a thrillingly ambitious attempt. As long as these moment continue to happen and the characters continue being their endearing selves, nothing’s going to stop me from watching this show.

Mecha Sunday

Comet Lucifer, Episode 6: I sort of get the feeling I know this story, but Comet Lucifer remains an experience that feels constantly fresh for me. We’re halfway through the show at this point, but I get the sense that we’ve really just started. Whether or not you appreciate that, well… that probably depends on you! For my part, I enjoyed the heck out of kid Felia bopping around in the earlier episodes, but I’m also really enamored by the shift towards the more mature exploration of life that came this episode. The addition of the wedding party—and the subsequent explosions of emotion from Kaon—weren’t subtle in the way they changed the show’s focus from “look at the world!” to concerns of the heart (and, of course, Felia’s “what is love?” was even less so), but this feels like a natural progression. And the mecha battles continue to be some of the best fights of the season. Yeah, robots!

Gundam Tekketsu, Episode 6: Tekketsu rebounded this week, as Okada took the episode into the territory she does better than anything else: character work. For me, the highlight was seeing Mika, Atra, and Kudelia putter around the ship together—it’s kind of weird, but the three of them actually have a really easygoing dynamic when Atra’s insecurity about Kudelia isn’t getting played up. A lot of that, I think, comes out of the down-to-earth concerns Mika and Atra share, and Kudelia’s genuine desire to understand and reach out to them. This shows as she accompanies them with the lunch boxes—a great way to show that Mika’s interests, for all of his importance to Tekkadan, are truly in the mundane details of the group’s operations—and as she tries to help educate the boys. And then, then was more on Orga and Mika’s incredibly complex and dysfunctional relationship. Okada’s in her element with this stuff. I’m loving it.

Concrete Revolution, Episode 6: An offbeat episode, but a good one. For me, this episode of Conrevo functioned mostly on mood and tone. We haven’t really looked away from Jiro’s story with any real intention since episode 2, and the choice to take this episode to an entirely new cast of characters—mostly detached from the work of the Superhuman Bureau—let the show take on a tone somewhat different than its prior tragic feel. Of course, the irony is that Conrevo continues to be a tragedy despite the focus on humor this week, but it was less of a personal tragedy and more a tragedy of society and situation and manipulation. “Don’t mess with the system, or the system will mess with you,” could very well be the true message of this episode in context, despite the fact that Don and his remaining two friends walk away from the chocolate factory on their own terms and without Jiro’s help. But they’ve made their own choice, and they decide to live with that. Was it worth it? I don’t think Conrevo is in the business of answering such questions.

Concrete Revolutio Concrete Revolutio

Starmyu, Episode 6: So the boys have passed the first round, and Otori and Hiragi are brothers. Those are the big takeaways (other than Kana Asumi voicing one of Nayuki’s little sisters) this episode, but I think the implications here are much bigger than the simple facts of the matter would indicate. Unknowingly, Team Otori has been caught up in an ideological battle about the nature of performance and arc, enacted against other groups and against an imposing system of tradition. That’s a lot of big stuff, and yet we’re also grounded in the very endearing relationship of these boys and their immediate struggle to survive (and hopefully thrive!) as performers. And yet their caught in the paradox of having a benefactor who gave them a way into the system, and yet who also dwells outside of it. The time when Hoshitani and the other understand what’s really at stake—artistic freedom—is coming, but the question remains of whether or not Otori will be able to entirely pull them into his philosophy before then. If he can’t… will they abandon him for a more traditional route? (No, because then why have this story, but still…)


Short Takes~

Miss Monochrome S3, Episode 6: Puns and more absurd humor and more improbable events. How is this show real. Who allowed this to happen. They must be both punished and rewarded.

Haikyuu!! S2, Episode 6: There we go. After some puttering around, Haikyuu!! finally got back on track this week doing what it does best—letting the Karasuno boys grow and push forward. I fully expect them to be a disjointed mess the next time they step on the court, but the steps towards cohesion are coming and they’re going to be amazing to watch happen. Oh, and Oikawa is my trash husbando and I won’t share.

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, Episode 6: Nothing new here: Stella x Ikki solo scenes are still an oasis amid a torrent of okay to bad other stuff, the imouto continues to be an instigator for a lot of the bad stuff, Alice x Ikki scenes continue to be actually pretty good. But, having come this far, I don’t really feel the need to go on—dropped, or at minimum put on hold.

One Punch Man, Episode 6: Action was weaker this week, but are we maybe moving towards a bigger story? I actually finished this episode hoping for more, which is a good change.


10 thoughts on “Anime Weekly: Fall 2015, Week 6

  1. Interestingly (but not really surprising) I have the opposite reaction to Bishamon & her regalia vs. Yato and Yukine. I had a really hard time sympathizing with Yato in season 1 during that arc. I just felt like he handled the whole thing stupidly. Like, maybe, since Yukine is so new to all of this, you should sit down and have a long heart to heart talk with him, actually act like you care about him maybe, instead of just acting tough. Honestly, Yato is darn lucky that it all worked out. I think he owes Kazuma more than Kazuma ever owed him. On the other hand, I can understand Bishamon’s motives and sympathize with them far more easily. In season 1 Bishamon had little character, but she’s blossomed into this amazing individual in season 2. I think I like her better than Yato now.

    btw, are you reading Akatsuki no Yona now??? Isn’t it the best????

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    • Hmm interesting. Yeah, I can definitely see the argument for Yato having entirely botched things with Yukine and Bishamon really just falling into an unavoidable, tragic trap. I think I still like Yato better—he’s rough around the edges, certainly, but something about that really makes me like him—but Bishamon definitely feels like a fuller, warmer character than she ever did before.

      And yes, I’ve finally started reading the Yona manga and it’s awesome.


  2. Aaahh… midseason, and the drop zone is littered with bodies and scattered debris. I’m enjoying (to some degree) the survivors but overall the season is mediocre at best. So, off to the weekly wall ‘o text;

    Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon Something of a train wreck, but I can’t just keep my eyes off of it. It can’t decide if it wants to be serious or just generic, but it has left off most of the fanservice that characterized the first episode.

    Comet Lucifer I really wanted to like this show, but the Dance Of The Dancing Vegetables was the last straw. Too much faffing about, too much random stuff. Dropped.

    Concrete Revolutio The time skip back-and-forth gimmick was interesting in the first ep, but the constant repetition has given me backlash. (And that’s the least of it’s flaws.) This seasons Rolling Girls – great concept, ruined by poor writing and poorer execution. Dropped.

    Doamayger-D (*) Is just hilariously stupid. It’s only got one trick, but it continues to execute it masterfully.

    Heavy Object Is just stupid. After the Gibraltar mini arc, being mostly a repeat of the first arc with added fan service… I’m done. Dropped.

    Lovely Muuuuuuuco! Funny and unpretentious and well worth watching.

    Miss Monochrome 3 (*) The mascot episode was lame, the hot springs episode showed moments of brilliance amongst the dreck. I’m still enjoying it, but it’s still very uneven… when it’s good, it’s Very Good, but when it’s not it’s not.

    Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans On my list, just haven’t got around to it. (And now one of real life otaku friends is on me about it too.)

    One-Punch Man (*) A simple delight – and out and out satire played completely straight.

    Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan Pretty cute… and now a plot is emerging from the one liners. Nothing to write home about, but it’s a short so my expectations aren’t that high.

    Shomin Sample I watched the first ep, but never could bring myself to watch the rest… so, let’s make it formal. Dropped.

    The Asterisk War While not great, is shaping up to be better than any run-of-the-mill generic Magical Battle at Magical Battle High School has a right to be.

    In other news; My lady love is still watching Beautiful Bones and Perfect Insider and seems to be enjoying both.

    Also, as part of my Birthday Anime Marathon, I rewatched Eupho. In retrospect it’s amazing how rough the first couple of episodes were even though the magic still shone through. I’m still over the moon in anticipation of the second season.


    • Oh nooooo you didn’t like the dancing vegetables? Bummer…although I’ll admit it was random as heck and what are they even doing. I’m staying for the robot fights, though, and episode 6 actually had some real focus. Comet Lucifer is a series that really just kind of ambles along, but I suppose I like it for that.

      Gundam continues to be very strong, although the art quality has dipped since the first couple episodes—what are you doing Sunrise??

      I still can’t bring myself to love One Punch Man, but I haven’t dropped it either which I suppose says something.


  3. If it’s Halfway where is the marching band ? Nowadays you are lucky to see even 10 seconds watching college FB I remember both scholls used to come out ! But anyway. I am doing a flip flop this week and doing my Top 22 then episodes of the BTW which also pointed out shortcomings on some of them!

    Oh what I have been missing / finally had my eye fixed / animes are just gorgeous


    WEEK 5 / 6

    TIER 1 TOP FAVORITES [/blue] Lots of Changes DOES NOT INCLUDE WED 11 / 11 shows

    1 Haikyuu!! Second Season EOW / The fight aftermath and Ukai Sr keeps it here
    2 Noragami Supernatural 2 / Noragami Aragato EOW / Bishamon saved
    3 Seraph of the End 2 Vampire Reign EOW / Great action-animation
    4 One Punch Man EOW / Misunderstandings and good action
    5 K 2nd Season / K Return of Kings EOW / Just a steady anime
    6 RWBY Volume 3 NO EP / Dropped 2 spots
    7 Heavy Object EOW / Dropped one Spot More action please!
    8 World Trigger / (Fugitives From Another World) EOW / Another steady anime
    9 Concrete Revoltio / Choujin Gensou EOW / Dropped 2
    10 GARO CRIMSON MOON / Garo -Guren no Tsuki EOW / A big surprise

    11-13 Need to Pick It up a Bit ****

    11 The Perfect Insider / Subete ga F ni Naru ****Down 2
    12 Beautiful Bones Sakurako’s Investigation ****Down 1
    13 Comet Lucifer ****DOWN 5 Please better Editing
    14 Shomin Sample Was AVG this week
    15 Hidan no Aria AA Was AVG this week

    The Ultra Super Anime trio was quite interesting ! But MM / HD Need to pick it up ####

    Added 21 / 22 to Top Favorites TIER 1 / TIER 2 getting a big overhaul

    16 Kagewani series EOW Went up 7 Spots
    17 MISS Monochrome 3 EOW ####
    18 Hacka Doll the Animation EOW ####
    19 Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note Is A good / clean anime
    20 Young Black Jack EOW / Liking the political / moral insight
    21 Lance N’ Masques Stays in TIER 1
    22 TEEKYUU 6 Still funny buts lost it’s edge a Bit

    [b] EPISODE(S) of the WEEK 5 / 6 [/b]

    Again The Ultra Super Anime trio were quite interesting !

    KAGEWANI Episode 6 / Deep Abyss

    Another Edge of your seat EP . There is defintive homage to monster movies. In this EP The Abyss meets Creature from the Black Lagoon.Banba is on an Wedding Cruise ship near the South Pole when the newlyweds on a submersile and atacckes by A Kaiju > Quick thinking by Banba to use Sonar saves the day!

    Hackadoll the Animation EP 6 / A Thing of the Past

    A Cyber Attack effects the Hackadolls but # 3 loose something important becuse she was really a he ! One of the best gender traps I’ve seen Anyway #3 goes to be a friend to a rich boy whose parents are rarely there and wants a friend ! Homage to Wooser but a Hayate feel to this ! Anyway the boy has so much fun with #3 he doesnt want her . him to leave even saying to get married but things get restored and I mean restored so 3 # goes back to cyber world!

    Miss Monochrome 3 EP 6 / Fisherman

    While at a Hot Spring A Tuna head floats by ( insteads of a peach / Momotarou reference )
    which is just crazy!


    A very good underrated anime . Raikou again runs into police official Yasumasa after slowing down a criminal for stealing food ! His asiisistant discharged criminal Kosode stops the criminal ! But she was arrested for the same thing and this like class warfare.Yasumasa cares for Kosode but he is a higher class and his family disapproves ! Seimei befriends her but has a felling about her ! Kosode knows she cant be with Yasumasa who rebels and denounces his family! Raikou wants to help them but Seimei says you can interfere! As it turns out she gets abused by nobels after picking up a bolt of cloth after it fell of a wagon but was accused of stealing which in turn released her horror which she was trying to control but couldnt and Raikou / Seimei must take her down! A sad tragic story

    Heavy Object EP 6 / The War of the Ant and the Grasshopper – The Invasion of theMilitary State I

    This had the potential to be an excellent episode but too much male pandering by Qwenthur and Havia. It kinda gets overboard at times because when they are serious or things are bad is when they are at their best ! If those two werent so over the top the fanservice wouldnt be such a drag ! The comedy falls short !

    But it it’s like bathwater / you can’t throw the baby with the bathwater because there were some interesting things going on !

    The animation by J.C. Staff is amazing !

    “Oh ho ho” as an type pinup girl such as those in the WWII USO shows !

    BTW her image is not real as she is onlly 10!
    The MMA refeerence !
    The press tripping over each other like current news does nowadays !
    The uneasy alliance between Legitimacy Kingdom Qwenthur / Milinda – Oh ho ho / Information Alliance and Frolaytia-Flide.

    We get a glimpse into more of the factions which is interesting which are going against Oceania / Generation 0.5.

    There is a push by the uneasy alliance but Qwenthur / Havia have to scoput ahead to see if any towns are in the way and fins a village that is being abused by Oceanian and see a girl they met earlier in the danger zone.

    Noragami EP 18 / What Must be Done

    Bishamon is quite weak and Yato tries to reason with her ! But Kugaha comes out of hiding after Yato basicallt exposes him but Kugaha wants her to kill her self after Yato doesnt ! Yato has had enough and cuts off his hand and Kugaha summons a Demon. But he doent really know the true power of a god that is not infected and thashes the demon and dispsoes of him. However there is one more left killing the rest of Bishamon’s Regalia. and Yato wants to help but Hiyori stops him teeling him that Bishamon has to deal with it as her Regalia infected will be killed ! She painfully slaves the demon killing her regalia’s also but saves the rest ! Kazuma feels he has betrayed Bishamon twice but is wanted by all to stay !

    K 2nd Season – K Return of Kings EP 6 / “Keeper”

    A meeting with the Silver / Blue / Red Clans with the plan to keep The Green King from getting at the Slates. Shiro explained the plan with most questions from the Red Clan But Anna OK it at the end ! The Green Clan diidnt seem to pay much attention to Nagare but the Ataack finally comes ! Each Clan has a specific Green target to defend against but things get changed around ! Seeting up for a big battle.

    Young Black Jack EP / In Vietnam PART 3

    This EP was really good dealing with medical traumas / PTSD / G.I. ‘s losing their sanity All while the Trio of Docs are trying to save lives. The solider who lost it calls in an airstrike od F-104’s and Napalm ! This is tackling the problems of the 60’s quite well . It wasnt all British Music Inavasion / Peace – Love !

    Haikyu!! 2nd Season EP 6 / Tempo

    Just having Ukai Sr. have a big role in an episode is worth the watch! He stiil gets the better of son / coach Keishin by basically knocking sense into him because he doesnt see what needs to be done ! He reminds me of Kesuke Miyagi ( Karate Kid ) But he sees that Hinata needs tempo ans also should be the leader after seeing his basic skills ! He scolds Keishin for forgetting about tempo and that Hinate is the key / leader ! He says the setter must give him the right setups not Hinata going after the ball!

    This is also confirmed when Kageyama asks Oikawa ( former team member at Kitagawa MS0 and tells him he is giving Hinata the right setups and still has remants of being a tyrant ! So he tries to practice a better setup! Hinata gets much better but is stiil on the “B “Squag and appears the two hadnt settled things as tyhey walked by each other ! Thet have their last practice matches before prelimns ! Like the new ED !

    Seraph of the End 2 Vampire Reign EP 17 / Livestock Revolt

    First the animation is quite spectutlar in this episode ! You have to give Wit Studio for making it better ! The Shinoa and Narumi Squads discuss their mission to exterminate Fifteenth Progenitor Lucal Wesker. On the Vampire side Lucal taliking with another Vampire Esther are not happy with Krul’s orders. There seems to be as much dissent on the Vamp side as humans! He is attacked and eventually killed !

    Guren’s squad is trying to take down a vamp and Guren kills him ! A dying solider from the City Hall attack is sent to tell Guren about only a few humans were killed and several squads captured! So Guren wil take his squad and Shinoa / Narumi SQDS to try to frre the humans and kill the Vamps!

    World Trigger / (Fugitives From Another World) EP 53 / The One that Shall Be Saved

    This Episode shows the Miwa squad in the city on a fact finding mission when Trion soliders attack two tall Bldgs and take humans hostage for Trion which is ruuing the threads they spun tp keep them from being destroyed ! Miwa gets help from a deal between Jin / Border CMDRS to let Miwa use Fuhjin to destroy the connections. All humans are rescued but it was a ploy by Geieve to gather Trion to use against Xeno / Lilith

    BTW Chiks walks in on Lilith / Xeno what looked a vampire action. Gieve does call her the destructive Princess !

    Concrete Revolutio EP 6 / They Are Always Laughing

    Sometimes it’s hard to make sense of but if you stay inside the episode it’s not bad ans usualyy is quite interesting ! Apparently Jiro has split from the Superhuman Bureau but remains friends with Fuurouta ( if you can call it that)

    Fuurouta befriends a comic rock rock band after they revive superpowers from a superhuman rock band ! He does this bbecause he thinks their MGR / agency ( actuallt the gov’t ) is corrupt .He invites them to join to join the SHB but Don ( the drummer / looks Ringo Starr ) refuses, The band learns of a plot / campaingn to test choclate on humand tainted with a drug to make superhumans but try to stop even giving up their contract with their agency and one of their own members. Jiro intervenes and and the one with electrical powers melt the chocolate !

    One thing is how corrupt the govt is and nobody gets charged with crimes let alone murder!

    One Punch Man EP 6 / The Terrifying City ( City Z )

    This is quickly becoming one of my favorites ! Take Mad Magazine and mix it up with D.C. / Marvel comics and you get this romp ! You almost have to place this show not as anime or comic but it’s own catergory !

    Genos and Saitama are at the APT. when Genos reminds him he has to defeat a villian once a week to remian in the Heroes Assoc. Funny watching Genos taking notes of One Punch watching TV. So One Punch tries to go find villians but instead scares everybody and a call is sent out to the Heroes Assoc but Spped Sonic arrives and tales One Punch on and defelects his attack and breaks his sword. Tanktop Tiger arrives saying he is causing trouble and then wants to fight him to move up in points but Spped Sonic wants OPM to fight and takes Out TTT. But OPM wants to get a villian and takes down Speed Sonic in one blpw actually earning him points

    Now because of OPM monsters and Villians are showing in that section of City Z to find who is taking them on. The Heroes ASSOC gets wind of this and wants to investigate . A lot of heroes are hestiant but Golden Ball / Spring Mustache arrive and find Kombu Infinity (Mysterious Being) and promptly takesz out GB but SM give KI quite the fight but is akso defeated !

    Along come OPM with food but forgot seaweed ans is attacked by KI but dealt with in fact OPM usses the Seaweed for dinner.

    Whats crazy the Heroes ASSOC dont know how pwerful thier member is and that section is derstroyed because of OPM having to fend off the attacks !

    We get a look at a lot of superheroes including Tatsumaki / Tornado of Terror, S-Class Rank 2 who is the sister of Fubuki is an esper, the younger sister of Tatsumaki and the leader of the B-Class superhero group, “The Blizzard Group”

    Big Ensemble / INTROS this EP

    Speed-o'-Sound Sonic
    Tanktop Tiger
    Kombu Infinity
    Spring Mustache
    Golden Ball
    Armored Chief
    Smile Man
    Gasmask Cowboy
    Blue Fire
    Mountain Ape
    Lily of the Three Section Staff
    Lightning Max


    • Glad to hear everything went well with your eyes!

      Also glad to see K showing up there near the top of your list; the more people that enjoy the show, the happier I will be.

      And oooh, interesting, someone who’s watching Garo and liking it. I thought the first season was good, but heard bad things about the new season and never even bothered to pick it up. Glad to hear it’s not entirely been lain to rest on the wayside.


  4. I think the bit I liked the most of this episode of Noragami was that final moment, when Kazuma moved his book up so he could hide his face when he cried. I liked the rest of it a lot too, but it’s those kinds of small, understated moments that make me the happiest, as both an anime and a Noragami fan.


    • That was indeed great. Kazuma is such a sympathetic character, too, and so obviously wants to do right by his master—it was intensely gratifying to see him finally truly reconciled with Bishamon. No more lies, no more deception; hopefully, no more guilt. Live happy, Kazuma!


  5. So here’s where I stand at midpoint (episode counts through Wednesday). I’m at least an episode behind on the majority of shows because I have less time for streaming releases than normal, mostly because Hyouka, Non Non Biyori, and watching/reviewing those anime shorts are all eating into a lot of my usual stream-watching time. However, as of now I’m unwilling to officially drop anything that was still on my list – with one exception that I’ll get to. In rank order at this point:

    1) Gundam: IBO (watched 5/6) The highlight of my season so far, I’ve yet to be disappointed by any of the early episodes. This is my first Gundam, and while I know all of the others won’t be this good, I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last either. It was a pretty cool change-of-pace to see a space battle with bullets and melee weapons instead of laser beams and missiles, and I LOL’ed at the way they got rid of Todo after the battle.

    2) Beautiful Bones (watched 6/6) Interesting step-away from Shoutarou and Sakurako this week to spend most of the episode with Shoutarou’s classmate Yuri, whom I quite like; it was nice to get to know her better and see her take a crack at trying to puzzle out a mystery. I get a lot of the complaints that I hear about this show, but I just can’t bring myself to agree with them. I think this is a good series with a solid cast of characters, and getting better.

    3) Perfect Insider (watched 5/5) Some interesting parallels drawn in episode 5 between the Moe/Saitama relationship and the Magata/Director relationship, and some genuine friction shown between both couples in the present and past. I’m curious to see how much they intend to follow up on that.

    4) One Punch Man (watched 4/6) Best animation of the season and some wonderfully hilarious scenes partially make up for noticeable weaknesses in other areas, such as the lack of significant character development aside from Genos. Still having a lot of fun with it, though.

    5) Hacka Doll (watched 6/6) Actually outside of its weak second episode, I’ve been really surprised at how much I’ve consistently enjoyed this show. 5 successful episodes out of 6 is a pretty good hit rate for a comedy short, especially one I only picked up on a whim. I know one of my teens is really enjoying this series too. Every time I see her at the library she always asks me if I’ve watched the latest episode yet.

    6) Comet Lucifer (watched 4/6) Looks like this is what’s going to end up being my “mindless fun” show of the season, instead of Lance N Masques like I predicted. This show is so full of life and energy and random weirdness that it’s a blast to watch most of the time, even though the storytelling isn’t very good and Sogo is so bland that even oatmeal thinks he’s boring. All I can think is that there must be something really wrong with Roman if Kaon actually WANTS to hang around Sogo instead of him.

    7) Young Black Jack (watched 4/6) This show hasn’t really had a bad episode that I’ve seen yet, but for whatever reason it’s the one I have the most trouble getting excited to come back to every week. Not sure exactly why, but feelings don’t lie. Most likely to be dropped if I drop anything else.

    8) Lance N Masques (dropped after ep. 5) Yeah, I’m finally done with this. I liked the initial premise of an anachronistic knight errant living in a time period that’s moved beyond such things (I really like the Knight & Rogue novels by Hilari Bell, for instance, which start off with a similar idea), and I enjoyed every fight scene, but otherwise the setup and execution of this show just got more and more generic every week. First they put most of the cast in school, then they start making the harem scenario more and more obvious, and once the previews for episode 6 promised a hot springs trip, that was the last straw.


    • I do think it’s really cool how Tekketsu is serving as a gateway Gundam for a lot of people. As you’ve said, certainly not all entries in the franchise are this good, but there are some really great things that have come out of it—and it’s part of the pedigree of anime as a whole. I think it’s cool that more people can start to get into Gundam via Tekketsu.

      As for Comet Lucifer it continues to be fun (although ep 6 was the best its ever been!). And then, with Kaon, I get the sense that she doesn’t actually dislike Roman as much as she dislikes the situation of being married off to him without being able to “fall in love with her prince.” I’d actually kind of like to see Kaon and Roman go through some actual romantic development together, but I doubt that’s what we’ll actually get.


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