Top Fall 2015 Anime: Final Ratings

The Fall 2015 season is finally behind us. It was a bit rough. About halfway through, I was pretty thrilled about every single thing I was watching, but only a few made the long trek to the very end of the season—and this list. So, no more delays, let’s have the best girl of Fall 2015 take it away!


[If you want to recap the entire fall season, from my first impressions all the way through the penultimate week, you can hit up everything I’ve written in the Fall 2015 tag!]

7. K: Return of Kings (4/10)

Halfway through the season, I was riding high with K: Return of Kings. We’d just come off that ridiculously neat sequence of Kuroh doing Kuroh things to defeat Sukuna, spent a nice amount of time with the Silver Clan, and the Green King was about to show up. Then, everything kind of went to pot. All the tension bled out of the narrative, the Silver Clan vanished amidst the story’s dull machinations, and the show’s dialogues on the nature of power became the only reasonably compelling thing about the show.

As the polish wore off the production, transformed from a show I was eager to watch into something of a chore. That being said, still manages to be one of the most unique-looking anime I’ve ever seen, even as ugly fog filters started to cover up the screen. And with a similarly idiosyncratic OST, it still manages to be one of the most interesting audio-visual experiences I’ve had with any single anime. It’s a shame the story couldn’t even manage to be serviceable in the end—I’ll remember the first season far more fondly than this one.

Awards: Best OST (Honorable Mention: Best Visual Aesthetic)

K Return of Kings

6. One Punch Man (5/10)

Ah, One Punch Man, the show I waited out for 12 weeks hoping it would giving me something to really latch on to. Well, it didn’t, but at least Yutaka Nakamura showed up in a big way for the finale. And really, for me, that’s the whole story of One Punch Man—I sat through each episode hoping for something compelling to happen, spent a few minutes agog at the stunning animation that happened each episode, and ended each episode wondering if I’d get anything more the week after.

Don’t get me wrong—the action in One Punch Man is amazing (just like the show’s OP). Some of the best I’ve seen. But it exists in a vacuum of nothing but action. Even thought I wrote an entire article on the show’s themes in a single episode, it turned out that One Punch Man wasn’t really interested in having any sort of meaningful discussion on the idea of heroes. Which is fine, but it sure did make it hard to get excited about the show on a weekly basis.

Awards: Best Action

5. Comet Lucifer (5/10)

Give Comet Lucifer the credit it’s due. Even from the first episode, it was clear that this wasn’t a show with the writing chops to make it to the top of the pile. Despite that, it still managed to keep my attention throughout, even if some of that attention was due to frustrations at the show’s choices to keep its characters (particularly Sogo) mired in tropey moments. Thanks to Orange’s brilliant 3DCG fights and the early fluffy slice-of-life episodes with tiny Felia, I got invested early—for better or for worse.

In the end, my complaints about Comet Lucifer after its finale are the same as the ones I had during most of its run. It was just a half-step too loosely written, just a shade too unfocused to really make any of its attempts at being genuinely serious fulfilling. Certainly, there are the seeds of a wonderful story here—Do Mon’s relationship with Sogo and his backstory, the overall camaraderie of the adventuring group, Gus’ weird nature as a villain…. It’s all there, ripe for the taking. It just never came together. And, you know what? For a show like this, I don’t mind too much. Every season needs a try-hard puppy dog, and this season, that was Comet Lucifer.

Awards: Best Adventure, Best Sci-Fi, Pet Show of the Season (Honorable Mention: Best OP—”The Seed and the Shower” by fhana, Best ED—”Oshiete Blue Sky” by Ayaka Ohashi)

4.Miss Monochrome S3 (5/10)

What can I say about Miss Monochrome that I haven’t already said before? It’s funny. It’s charming. It’s goofy. It’s downright weird. And it does all of this while being a vehicle for some of the most offbeat industry commentary you’ll find in any anime and some really solid music from a Yui Horie-voiced character.

And the crazy thing is that Miss Monochrome hasn’t even really come to the end of its story. Miss Monochrome still isn’t quite the top idol she dreamed of being and she hasn’t entirely fulfilled her promise. Are we destined for more of these crazy idol shenanigans in the future? I sure hope so.

Awards: Best Short, Best Comedy

3. Noragami Aragoto (6/10)

This was an oddball season of Noragami. Its first arc was solid (if somewhat preempted by the anime original arc from the first season); its second arc was rushed to hell (get it?), but landed with a superb finale that was easily the show’s best episode. So, what do you do with that? Well, first you beat the tar out of the show for abandoning its central trio for much of its run—as with K, drawing the focus away from the heart of the story was a mistake. It’s easy for me to forgive shows for slipping in other ways when the characters I care about are still around, but as the season changed, so did the show’s interest in keeping Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine together on screen.

Yet, for all that, there were just so many things that were done right. The aforementioned conclusion to the show and the corresponding finale of the Ebisu arc, which so clearly demonstrated what Noragami is really capable of when its story is given time to breath. The thematic ideas behind both the Bishamon arc and the Ebisu arc. Hiyori giving Yato his shrine. The OP. Yukine’s growth as a character and into being a Blessed Vessel. The underpinnings of the central character relationships. Many, many great parts and pieces. They just never quite made it into a cohesive, effective whole.

Awards: (Honorable Mention: Best Story, Best OP—”Kyouran Hey Kids!!” by The Oral Cigarettes, Best Male Character—Yato)

Noragami Aragoto

2. Owarimonogatari (8/10)

But enough with the disappointment! Owarimonogatari brings the Monogatari franchise back, and does so with amazing aplomb. It feels like it’s been forever since Second Season stormed its way towards the top of my personal favorites list, and now Owarimonogatari has reminded me why this franchise is one that I treasure so dearly. Evenly divided between the compelling, dreadful story of Sodachi Oikura and the more triumphant, yet no less emotional Shinobu Mail arc, Owarimonogatari not only turned out to be my favorite Monogatari installment in pure visual terms, but also reminded me of the power of Nisio Isin’s focused writing.

And, along with that, it was true delight to see so many long absent (it feels like) character reprise. Hanekawa was a captivating presence during the Sodachi arcs, Kanbaru phenomenally cute in the early parts of Shinobu Mail. And, of course, there was the long-awaited return of Shinobu herself—and the joy of getting to see the proud vampire go through her own growing pains as a person. Truly, it would be difficult to ask for more from Owarimonogatari—and with Kizu finally on the horizon in less than a month, even its (relatively) short length leaves little to complain about.

Awards: Best Visual Aesthetic, Best Drama, Best Female Character—Hanekawa Tsubasa, Best OP—”mein schatz” by Ryuichi Takada (Honorable Mention: Best Story, Best Male Character—Koyomi Araragi, Best ED—”Sayonara no Yukue” by Alisa Takigawa)


1. Concrete Revolutio (9/10)

Sloppy. Messy. Paced too fast in place. Paced to slow in others. Despite this, ambitious to the point of greed. Man, this is a greedy show—it wants to do everything: romance, social critique, all sorts of historical, pop culture, and have real characters alongside it all. And it wants to do all this while asking, “Can there be true justice in this world?” Or, as I see it, “Can we ever truly do good in this world? Can we even ever agree on what good is and how to get there?” Of course, there are no easy answers to these questions—and instead of trying to give them, Concrete Revolutio just keeps asking, just keeps wondering… just keeps hoping.

All these lofty goals are carried on the backs of the show’s diverse cast. An ogre, a boy who’s a bomb, a witch-demon, a ghost, a jaguar, a puff of smoke, a robot with a perfectly imperfect sense of right and wrong… and the list goes on. Together, they wander through the character vignettes and short stories that bring the same questions about society and humanity again and again. And throughout there’s still the sense of impending tragedy, even amongst all the smaller tragedies to which the show bears witness.

In the end, Concrete Revolutio does feel incomplete—as a show with a full season left ought—but the ride so far has been stunning. It would be an injustice to not allow it to take its rightful place as the best show of the season.

Awards: Best Story, Best Fantasy, Best Male Character—Jiro Hitoyoshi, Best ED—”The Beginning” by Yohsuke Yamamoto (Honorable Mention: Best Visual Aesthetic, Best Female Character—Earth-chan, Kikko)

Concrete Revolutio


  • The Asterisk War (10 min)
  • Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? (1 ep)
  • Osomatsu-san (1 ep)
  • Beautiful Bones (1 ep)
  • Utawarerumono 2 (1 ep)
  • Young Black Jack (1 ep)
  • The Perfect Insider (4 eps)
  • Heavy Object (5 eps)
  • Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (6 eps)
  • Starmyu (7 eps)


Gundam Tekketsu (12/25); Haikyuu!! S2 (13/25).


  • Best Sports, Best Harem, Slice of Life, Romance
  • Pet Show

And that about covers it (Best Sports and Harem to Haikyuu!! and Gundam, respectively, had then finished this season)! On the whole, I can’t say I was all that pleased with this season’s offerings, Starmyu being the only reasonably good show left on the docket that I didn’t finish. Winter 2016 doesn’t look all that great, but hey! The promise of the future is always something to look forward to!

20 thoughts on “Top Fall 2015 Anime: Final Ratings

  1. We kinda the same except Owarimonogatari my top 7 is a bit different than yours but I willgive my TOP 10 and two shows out of the TOP Ten to match your 7

    BTW you should have watched Seraph it got into the Seven Trumpets and Kinda Revelation Just to let you know !

    1 Noragami Supernatural 2 / Noragami Aragato Good All Season IMO Alos DUB
    2 Seraph of the End 2 Vampire Reign You need the Bible for the Last EP Excellent 2nd Cour Also DUB
    3 One Punch Man Viz Media At First I said Ok but I am a big fan now but those Top 2nd Cour shows are hard to knock off
    4 Concrete Revoltio / Choujin Gensou Started slow but WOW
    5 RWBY Vol. 3 OFF UNTIL JAN Late Start / Missing for 3 weeks knocks it down
    6 Haikyuu!! Second Season Was good but I liked S 1 better
    7 Heavy Object I Sub / Dub Pushed Up One Spot Just been very good lately / Got points for bringing up Railguns ( Same Author as the Raildex world )
    8 K 2nd Season / K Return of Kings Hulu, Neon Alley Dropped one for holding back the action
    9 The Perfect Insider / Subete ga F ni Naru Final EP was A Letdown
    10 World Trigger / (Fugitives From Another World) Was better than I thought it would be

    17 MISS Monochrome / Actually had Kagewani 14 and Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note 13 higher than MM

    22 Comet Lucifer The Last EP so Poorly Done / Lucky it stays in TIER 1

    So the Fall Season turned out a bit better than I thought !

    BUT YOU HAVE GIVEN UP ON WNTER 2016 already I have hopes

    First You have Snow White with the Red Hair 2 / ans S1 / S2 will be dubbed ! WQuite interesting

    Assassination Classroom 2 / If you read the manga hang on for a ride

    Durarara!!×2 Ketsu Yes it had ups and downs but still very good

    More Gate / More Rory come on / even with its fault it’s fun to watch

    Have Potential

    Dimension W / the Funimation produced Sci- Fi anime with the homage to Tesla Also Solty Rei and Cowboy Be-Bop i

    Kiznaiver must be another SCI-Fi sleeper

    Dagashi Kashi / the artwork is so pretty

    Erased (Boku Machi) (The Town Where Only I Am Missing )

    You have the always interessting Ultra Anime Time Bleck

    Ultra Super Anime Time block Will Have 2 Regular Shorts / 3 One month Shorts CR ?

    Oshiete! Galko-chan (Please tell me! GALKO-chan)/ Full Season

    Sekkou Boys / Full Season

    Tabi Machi Late Show 4 EPS Jan 8TH

    Kono Danshi (Mahou ga Oshigoto desu) 4 EPS FEB 5TH

    Unknown Short for March / 4 EPS March??

    Then some Leftovers which I like

    GARO CRIMSON MOON / Garo -Guren no Tsuki
    Haikyuu!! Second Season
    Heavy Object SUB / DUB
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans)


    • I haven’t totally given up on winter! I expect it’ll be quite nice, actually! Hopefully there will be a small selection of solid shows I can watch all the way through—that would be best for me. ^_^

      Nice top 10! As always, pleased to see Conrevo up so high.


  2. I found this season very disappointing (even though I gave two shows 9s). There just wasn’t enough in the middle tier.


    Concrete Revolutio (9/10) – just great.

    One Punch Man (9/10) – this is really an 8/10, but with such excellent execution that I give it the extra point. It is what it is, and if it’s not particularly deep or meaningful, it doesn’t intend to be. Also, I love the Genos/Saitama dynamic. That relationship is particularly well done.


    Noragami (8/10) – Solidly excellent all season long. I do think S1 was more interesting, but perhaps that was because S1 attempted something more unique in Yukine’s arc.

    Owari no Seraph (8/10) – all I asked for was post-apocalyptic vampire shenanigans, that’s what OnS gave me.

    Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?? (7/10) – lethal does of moe.


    Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider (7/10) – this had so much potential, but the solution to the mystery was just so absurb. And it was so absurd because it was the only possible solution. In my view, it just failed as a compelling mystery.

    I pretty much dropped everything else.

    For next season, I’m thinking about not following airing shows, and just binging finished series. In the last week I’ve seen Binbougami ga! and Otome Youkai Zakuro, both of which were really enjoyable. I wonder if I might just prefer watching completed series to following airing shows.


    • First off, sorry about all the trouble with the comments! Idk what was going on there. Really annoying.

      I will say that the Genos-Saitama dynamic was my favorite non-animation thing about One Punch Man (although that was mostly thanks to Genos). Owari no Seraph has started to seem like it might be a show that could be enjoyable as a easy-to-watch shounen romp. Might go back to it some day and just skip the first episode. Perfect Insider‘s ending really did seem to make waves, although for a mystery like that I’m unsure how good a thing that is…


  3. That was a comprehensive list! I haven’t watched most of the animes listed above as I only stuck to sequels.
    Just asking, did you watch Owari no Seraph?


      • I tried watching Concrete Revolution, but I don’t if it was me or the anime, but I couldn’t watch the first episode fully! I might pick it up later as its got really good reviews. Thanks for the recommendation! 😀


  4. Everything current I watched this season (whether it ended or not) in a loose order, with comments:

    JK Meshi — Talking, then eating. It’s got a minimalist sort of charm, which pulled me through. That and it’s a short.
    Kamisama Minarai: Himitsu Kokotama — Utterly predictable sugary sweetness for kids; Hamtaro with less bite. I don’t know how often episodes come out; I doubt I’ll watch them all.
    Fushigi na Somera-chan — Ai Mai Mi with different character designs. One of the most random shows you’ll ever watch; some hits, a lot of misses. I did enjoy the opening sections about the menousse…
    Comet Lucifer — Awful writing, clourful art, genki charm. I wish it had never gotten serious…
    Onsen Yousei Hakone — Decently fun, but a bit static in art, flow, and character…
    Yuru Yuri 3 — A decent slice of life comedy marred by the fact that it tries and fails to be Yuru Yuri (it’s too nice for that).
    Gochumon wa Usagi desu ka?? 2 — Better than the first season, I thought, but there’s still no edge to it. The best thing about the show is the background art, which is gorgeous.
    Miss Monochrome — Diminishing returns, but I do love the show when it works.
    Highschool Star Musical — Fairly unexceptional feelgood entertainment. Main character ended up a bit too much of a genki idiot, but to make up for that I liked the main group’s sempai more than I thought I would.
    Dance with Devils — Totally cheesy and revelling in it. I mean it’s got an evil pomeranian choir…
    Owari no Seraph 2 — Decent shounen fighter, but nothing special for the genre.
    Gakusen Toshi Asterisk — Decent harem fighter, but nothing special for the genre. I do like the characters, though.
    Shingeki! Kyoujin Chuugakko — I liked it better than the mothership, heh!
    Hackadoll — Good anarchic fun, almost entirely based on references that flew over my head.
    One Punch Man — After a great first episode I wondered how they could keep the concept interesting. They couldn’t. But Genos/Saitama was fun to watch.
    Ushio to Tora — Good, unexceptional retro fun; diminishing returns set in, but it’s still cute.
    Shomin Sample — It’s over-the-top humour was fun; it’s gay jokes were awfully offensive (but – thank god – rare). I wish they hadn’t gone for a story-arc finish; the show’s strength is irrevent, exaggerated humour, not story.
    Itoshi no Muco — A glassblower and his dog. Full of bouncy energy. I normally don’t like dogs, and Muco is pretty much the embodiment of dogness – so how come I like it this much? Well, I do. Even though the animation and art feels cheap, this has a good sense of setting. One of the season’s biggest surprises.
    Gundam/Orphans — Sometimes too much drama, but generally pretty good in the story department. Whatever you may think of Okada, she writes great characters when she sets her mind to it (which she does here).
    Komori-san Kotwarenai — I’m surprised this ended up so far near the top of the list. It’s a very straightforward entry in the girls-do-things genre. The scary thing is this would probably be even further near the top had it been a regular show instead of a short – this show needs time to develop its charm – it’s a cumulative effect. Also I like the slightly off-beat art.
    Haikyuu 2 — Not as good as season 1, and I have yet to watch the latest episode (Christmas interference). But it’s still fun.
    Owarimonogatari — All the talking is getting tedious; too many seasons all with the same drive… If you ever want to understand the concept of entropy as its used in information theory, watch the monogatari series. That sounds like I don’t like it, but look at it’s placing. Why is it so high? Because slogging through all that verbiage and erratic camera cut head-spin usually pays off in great scenes. No more monogatari please; because if there’s more I’ll have to watch…
    Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note — Surprise of the season for me. Kiddy detectives aren’t my genre, but the show is really about making friends and keeping them. Also, the story procedes quite briskly through the characters’ biography, including a school change after the first arc. Also, if you have to use CGI to make an anime, do it like this. No fancy 3D; keep it all simple and trust iconicity to do the job for you. This show won an uphill battle to end up at this spot.
    Lance’n’Masques — It’s good fun if I don’t think too much and swallow my misgivings about chivalric ideals. It’s mainly here for the bright colours, cute animal designs and lovely soundtrack. (It’s interesting really; I like the show more than those that came before, but it’s not a show I’d recommend, because I have no idea what you’d have to like to like this mess.)
    Kagewani — Horror and anime don’t go well together for me. The best I’ve seen is episode 19 of Shin Sekai Yori. Then there’s the half-hour show Wasurenagumo which shows how close “kawaii” and “kowai” can be – a very chilling show. And that’s about it. Imagine my surprise that one of the best horror anime I’ve ever seen uses Southpark’s cut-out technique (with more realistic art) for very short episodes. This can’t possibly be scary, can it? Well, it is. Very. It’s extremely suspenseful and creepy. Nightmare stuff.
    Utawarerumono Itsuwari no Kamen — Okay, this one’s strange. It started out quite promising and then lost itself in stupid harem antics, while still advancing the story in the background. This could have been so much better. Why is it so high, then? Beats me. I think it’s character design. Kuon is a great character, but she’s been put on hold lately for the haremette of the week… It was never going to be as good as the first season, but there could have been a bit more focus on story. (There’s some speculation that this is going to be a four cour in total: if true that might expalin the pacing, and it would improve my oponion of the show. It might also have made watching more enjoyable, because I wouldn’t have had this nagging feeling that they’re wasting time while watching – making for a more innocent enjoyment of what’s actually there – because I do like the characters.)
    Perfect Insider — The mystery ended up being mostly stupid, I felt, and the philosophy went nowhere really, for me. But the character moments made up for it. A worthwhile watch, even if it fell behind its potential for me.
    Noragami Aragato — A great first arc, and a very good second arc. Just like with the first season, I don’t really have much to say about it. What you get is what you see.
    Sakurako-san — A bit overdramatic at times and a bit overconstructed. Which means the show was at its best in its quieter moments and less dramatic episodes. But character development holds up, and the fear that I wouldn’t be able to watch the show because the lighting and camera made me queasy didn’t hold up. I found the flaws easy to forgive, because the show had its heart in the right place.
    Osomatsu-san — The humour is hit and miss, and when it hits – boy does it hit. It’s utterly irreverant and steps on all the feet it can find, so there’s a good chance it’s going to offend you, too. I think my favourite skit is still the interview for who of those adult NEETs gets to live with mom after the divorce. Oh dear.
    Concrete Revolutio — The stand-out show this season, and the only one with a sure-shot place in this year’s top ten. Flashy art, nonlinear storytelling, a marriage of real-life politics/history and multiple genre tropes, understated direction. This show really keeps you on your feet. For maximum enjoyment you have to pay attention and multiple viewings are probably beneficial. I’m very, very much looking forward to the second cour.

    All in all, this was a rather poor season for me; the first one this year I’m not sad to see go. The only real loss would have been Concrete Revolutio, and that’s coming back (yay!). A few of the better shows also continue into next season.

    Next season looks much, much better on paper. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju is my favourite, but Dagashi Kashi and Boku Dake ga Inai Machi also look good. Plenty of stuff has light-hearted entertainment potential. I wlecome the new anime year!


    • And once again I forgot that numbering lists with a dot messes up the formatting. I hope I’ll remember next time. Sorry for the ugliness.


    • No worries about the formatting! I could still read it!

      And wow, you really watched a lot of stuff this season. Monogatari hasn’t worn on me the way it has on you, but I’m right there with you on Concrete Revolutio. I’m already back in it for a rewatch heh.

      I’ve heard good things about Kagewani, but I’m not much of a horror/suspense/thriller guy, so I’ve been kind of dodging it.

      Thank goodness for Conrevo S2 indeed. ^_^


  5. A lot of these I didn’t end up watching at all, but I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about Noragami. Some of the best ingredients there but they just didn’t all mix together well, although I still enjoyed the show overall anyway. And boy, that scene when Hiyori gave Yato his miniature shrine was easily one of the most emotionally powerful yet beautifully understated moments of the entire year in anime for me. I probably would have voted it the OP best of the season as well, but Lupin won that award for me with its classy and retro jazz-infused piece that even reminded me a bit of Bebop.


    • Yeah! There were a ton of good bits in Noragami, but the show never really managed to put them all together in a compelling way on a consistent basis. A bummer—although I will still likely check out a S3 if it comes (as the cliffhanger ending seems to imply, maybe).


  6. Yeah, weird season for me too. The best new shows I watched this season were all back catalog shows, like Hyouka. Fall 2014 was my introduction to the fun of seasonal streams…Fall 2015 was my reality check that sometimes a season just won’t have that many shows I enjoy, no matter how much I hunt around.

    So here’s my fall rankings so far. I still haven’t finished One-Punch Man or (obviously) Gundam yet, so this is with the caveat that I do expect both of those to end up as 1 and 2 for the season after I’m done with them. Just to give you a rough idea, right now OPM would place around #35 on my running list and Gundam somewhere in the 20s, but that can and probably will change before they end.

    Hacka Doll (6/10). The funniest anime comedy I watched all year, and my choice for Biggest Surprise of the year too. I’ve always enjoyed a good parody anime (unfortunately there are a lot more bad ones than good), and Hacka Doll was a good one. While a few episodes did fall flat, overall the jokes hit for me a lot more often than they missed. Since so much of the humor is referential, though, it’s definitely a show where already being familiar with a broad spectrum of anime series and genre tropes helps a lot. It was also the one series out of the four I finished that actually gave me a satisfactory ending. It advances to a spot at #42 on my overall list (which incidentally makes it my third-favorite short episode TV series, after Yama no Susume and Rec). Not bad for something I only picked up on a whim.
    Beautiful Bones (6/10). What I liked: Yuriko, some of the mysteries, Yuriko, Hanabusa (a suitably creepy antagonist), the backstory of how Sakurako and Shoutarou started working together once we finally got it, Sakurako and Shoutarou’s teamwork skills, and Yuriko. What I did not like: Not enough Yuriko, some of the mysteries, certain parts that felt like forced artificial drama, Shoutarou’s (lack of) character development outside of his relationship with Sakurako, the annoying “read the light novels” ending. It all added up to a rather inconsistent show, and how much someone likes it will probably come down to how much they like the characters, not for any gripping story or spectacular animation – those two things are few and far between. I generally liked the characters and even the worst episodes never bored me, so I had no problems sticking with it, but unfortunately the characters I found the most interesting were secondary characters who didn’t get nearly the screentime of the leads. I doubt we’ll ever get a second season since the sales aren’t tracking well, but I would probably watch it if it happens. It did its thing well enough to leave me interested in finding out more of the story. But for now, in the absence of any additional material, it digs in at #44 on my overall list.
    Perfect Insider (5/10). The most frustrating show I watched this season. Episodes 3-9 were pretty good when it was focusing on the mystery itself, but the beginning was pretty shaky and the ending was atrocious. Elsewhere I compared my opinion of this series to the fifth Kara no Kyoukai movie – interesting mysteries and some nice animation work, but dragged down for me by all the heavy-handed philosophizing that ends up feeling more like Ayn Rand-ish author filibustering rather than anything that the characters spouting this junk would truly believe. It doesn’t help either that both shows’ philosophical perspectives are drawing heavily from existentialism and absurdism, two schools of thought that I have zero patience for. Anyway, this one comes inside at #54 on my list. At least I liked the OP.
    Comet Lucifer (5/10). A train wreck, but a pretty entertaining one for most of its run. I enjoyed it when it was just being light-hearted fun (I seem to be one of the few people on the interwebs who actually liked the dancing vegetables, for instance), but when it started trying to get serious in the last few episodes with the heavy-handed environmental message and playing musical villains with every plot twist and finally limping to a pretty terrible ending, it basically fell apart as far as I’m concerned. But at least the mech battles were still fun to watch all the way to the finish. Ultimately it only streaks to #60 on my list.

    Dropped: Onsen Hakone-chan (2 episodes), Magical Somera-chan (2 episodes), Lance n Masques (5 episodes), Anti-Magic Academy (5 minutes)
    Still On Hold: Young Black Jack

    On a side note, I finished my MAL anime watching challenge for the year – 40 different anime in 40 different categories. My completed list is at if anyone’s actually curious enough to look at it.
    The last show I watched to polish off the list was Girls und Panzer, which I finished yesterday. RightStuf’s holiday sale had a great deal on it, so I picked it up blind (something I rarely do) and ended up enjoying the hell out of it. I saw you asking for anime junk food recommendations on Twitter the other day, Bless, and I would’ve suggested this if I had a Twitter. It’s fast-paced, crisply directed, nicely animated, and thoroughly entertaining, without requiring any deep thinking at all – in fact, the whole setup is so bizarre that it’s probably better if you don’t think too hard about it. That all adds up to a total “fun and games” series in my book. For now it stands at #25 on my list, but I could see that going up after a re-watch.


    • That’s a neat challenge you did there! Congrats on completing it! That’s a cool way to hit a bunch of different types of things. As for GuP, I’m very well aware that it’s a good show—many of my Twitter friends really love it haha. I’m sure I’ll get there soon enough!

      I do wish I had been motivated to keep up with Hackadoll, if only to expand my anime faces collection. And yes!!! Finally someone else who liked the dancing vegetables in Comet Lucifer! It was a silly moment, but I liked it a lot.


  7. Alright ConRevo because Bless said so. Comet Lucifer because mecha. Noragami because true best OP.

    Three anime to finish in 2016 while keeping up with Gundam Iron Blooded Orphan. Together with Gundam Thunderbolt it’ll be 3 mecha shows. Good times.

    Happy New Year everyone!! Have a good year!!!


  8. Sorry to be so late, but Real Life intervened and what creative energy I could muster had to go to other ends.

    Like WingKing, I found this season to be mostly disappointing. There were some bright spots, but there was an exceptional amount of dreck.

    A reminder on my rankings… they’re on a five point scale to coincide with my rankings on Anime Planet. But one 2.5 can often be different from another 2.5, so when needed I supplement them here with verbal comments to clarify.

    Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon Full of ideas incompletely worked out and rarely followed up on. Several characters that were almost interesting. But for some reason I just couldn’t take my eyes off of this train wreck. 2.0/5, almost there but falls short.

    Asterisk War A fairly generic harem/magical battle at magical high show, but actually better than it had any right to be given the thinness of the premise and just-barely-not-stock-trope characters. Even though though the final ep blew most of the credit it had built up, I’m looking forward to the second cour come Spring. 2.5/5, fumbled at the very end.

    Lovely Muuuuuuuco! You really should be watching this… A dog and her man as seen from the dog’s point of view. Full of energy and wacky comedy. (Two cour, midseason, no rating.)

    Seriously, give it a try.

    Miss Monochrome 3 If there was a show that was a real disappointment this season, it was MM3. When it was on, it was on – but it missed it’s mark more than a few times. MM is much better when it sticks to episodic comedy rather than story arc dramady. The episode where she revered her polarity was a real gem though. 2.5/5, painfully average and short of the previous high water marks,

    Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Wow… IBO just keeps going from strength to strength. I’m an ep behind currently because I just can’t watch it right now after suddenly and unexpectedly losing a long time friend and mentor last week. The lessons about a family you’ve chosen to create are just going to hit too close to home. (Two cour, midseason, no rating.)

    One-Punch Man I am at best ambivalent about OPM. Each of the individual stories were excellent on their own… But together they formed an uncomfortable alliance resulting in a whole that was less than the sum of it’s parts. 3.0/5, it was good but could have been so much better.

    Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan This was a weird one… It could have been much better, I’m glad it wasn’t much worse. Too bad they waited until the penultimate ep to introduce what should have been the main thrust of the show. 2.0/5, in the end, it was just there.

    Dropped; Comet Lucifer (4 eps, 1.5/5), Concrete Revolutio (5 eps, 2.0/5), Fushigi na Somera-chan (2 eps, 0.5/5), Hacka Doll the Animation (3 eps, 2.0/5), Heavy Object (5 eps, 1.0/5), JK Meshi! (2 eps, 2.0/5), Shomin Sample (1 ep, 0.5/5), Valkyrie Drive -Mermaid- (15 minutes, 0.5/5 only because that’s the lowest possible rating).

    Awards – none. There’s just no show or character that ends this season worth any.

    In other news;

    Working!!! Lord of the Takanashi Seriously surprised you haven’t blogged on this one Bless… Man, were we trolled by the show staff, the show was nothing like the previews. What it was though was mostly filler. But in the end, Inami x Takanashi entered the books as a canon couple, and that’s all that really matters.

    YuYu rewatch, on hold. At first because I didn’t want to watch ep 8 near Christmas, now because I can’t bear the tragedy.


    • Hey, no problem! Glad to see you around again!

      I’m really on board with you and Wingking on the overall quality of the season. If I hadn’t fallen so hard for Conrevo (sad to see it pooped out for you) and Owarimonogatari it would have been a really bad season for me.

      And I haven’t blogged “Lord of the Takanashi” simply because I don’t know what I’d really say about it that I haven’t already elsewhere. It’s an industry miracle, and the fact that it was Working!! that it happened to…I dunno, I just gotta be thankful.


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