8 thoughts on “YuYuYu Midseason Thoughts

  1. Cool review, dude. I don’t see too many bloggers caring about this show at all, but like you said, it’s actually got some pretty neat parts to it.

    For some reason, I’m watching this show, despite not being a fan of “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things”. And… I like it? Kind of? Maybe the action makes it more fun, but actually, besides the cool animation sequences, I don’t feel any tension from the battles whatsoever.

    Perhaps I just have a major thing for Karin. Also, the yuri shipping in this show is fun!

    …maybe I do like Cute Girls Doing Cute Things after all…


    • Yeah, it’s a bit tough to get a handle on what exactly keeps me engaged with the show within the actual episodes. Overall, as I said, I’m curious to see where things are going to end up, but the individual episodes really do lack tension (whether that’s in the battle or just because they’re playing at the beach).

      Karin’s pretty cute~! Although I like Yuna better. ^_^ She has better hair.


  2. I…..really want to like this show. It has cool magical girl design, beautiful visual and some interesting premise. But the writing and the character is just something i can’t get passed by. Almost the four of our main character have the same core personality and only few differing characteristic. And unfortunately the action doesn’t hold much either. Aside from beautiful sequences, it doesn’t really feels exciting.

    It’s not particularly surprising YuYuYu have a strong comedy. The director Seiji Kishi is actually well known by several fans to be good at comedy, but everything else is…….not so much.

    Though on the upside, there’s just something about YuYuYu’s premise that personally feels interesting for me. While the idea of girls living their ordinary live while fighting monsters wasn’t exactly a novel, i like the way they mix magical girl genre with a somewhat Buddish/Shinto religious vibe, giving it an appealing supernatural/mystique atmosphere.

    On a closing note i am just going to say please don’t be a Madoka, please don’t be Madoka, please don’t be Madoka, please don’t be a Madoka, please don’t be Madoka………….


    • I do agree—the execution isn’t really that great. A lot of the character work is pretty flat (other than the few instances of depth I mentioned).

      & what I hear you saying is that the setting differentiates the show just enough to make it feel different, which is kind of where I stand. It feels like there should be a lot more meat to the show than there actually is, so even if it feels a bit empty, there’s still the feeling that the hole might get filled.


    • Honestly, I think the Five Tenets (especially since they support the Hero Club’s main mission of helping others) are really fantastic advice for taking good care of yourself while staying motivated, for working hard without absolutely running yourself into the ground.


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